Sunday, December 16, 2007


So if I hadn’t mentioned it, I’m part of a super group. Terra and Ean are also apart of this group, but there are others. Though the roster has changed some, since I’ve been a member, there is always a good number. 30 to be exact. In having this team, sometimes we get to kick butt as a group – and on those rare occasions, we get our butts kicked (as a group). Even still, sometimes it’s good not to go solo. When it’s just me, there’s nobody to joke with. Can’t we all use a good laugh when we are facing life-threatening dangers?

Moving along, I arrived to the docks because Dispatch sent me there for some big bad thing that was wrecking shop. Dispatch is what I call Tony. He has this thing with information, and always seems to know what’s going on. Hell, he even told me my last girlfriend was cheating. Tony really comes in handy.

But as I was saying, Dispatch calls and I am on the job. What he didn’t say was the bad guy was Dead Space. Some how, this guy can suck up all the oxygen in a 15 foot radius. As a result, it’s hard to just walk up on him and commit to punches – just how long am I supposed to hold my breath. The best I could do was throw things, but Dead Space wasn’t a weak sort of fellow. I was just beginning to think it would be a long day, until Raz and Tam showed up. These ladies were like a duo before they joined the super group (and very easy on the eyes).

“Hey ladies, maybe u can help me get close enough to hit this guy.” I smiled. Have I ever mentioned that women love when I smile?

“No problem, tiger.” Raz is such a flirt.

Unfortunately, getting close proved to be a little difficult. Instead of fighting like the well-oiled machine that Raz and Tam have displayed on so many other occasions, Raz kept answering her cell phone to calm a jealous boyfriend – must be a new one. Even worse, Tam just complained about this cutting in to her holiday shopping. The ladies were inconsiderately distracted. Now, I find myself hiding in a gift shop while Dead Space throws a tantrum because his dog died. Wonder how that happened?

So, just to recap today’s events. I was called to save the day. Obviously, I needed help, so I get teamed with Raz and Tam. But apparently, Raz has to explain why she can’t meet some guy’s mother right now, without giving up the whole secret identity thing, and Tam can’t get past leaving all her sale items on hold at the cash register – something about a new chastity belt for her little sister.

Yep, I was right. It is going to be a long day. How the hell am I going get out of this situation?

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