Monday, April 28, 2008


One thing about being a superhero is that sometimes it can really take over your life. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It’s just that sometimes you can really lose yourself. Leaving during lunch yesterday gave me such a huge problem with Michelle. Now I’ve got to figure out how to make it up to her. Though she isn't Candice, Michelle is quite fun to spend time with. Any guy would be lucky to have her on the team. For now though, I needed to give Michelle a few days to calm down – and a few days for me to relax.

I’d decided tonight to go out with Marc to Chuck’s. We’d called Ean to see if he wanted to catch up to us, but since that tunnel thing, he’s been pretty low profile. Derrick didn’t join us because he wanted to spend more time with Tracie. It didn’t really matter because he’d sworn to Marc that he had nothing to say to me for almost ruining his thing with Tracie. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to the tenth grade.

Chuck's was pretty empty this evening, due to the fact it was just mid-week. Jazmine, one of the main attractions to the place, seemingly started her set early and was serenading some guy in the corner. He’d thrown a ball of singles, as if Jazmine were a stripper. Makes him look sort of pressed.

Before we sat down, I spotted Candice coming out of the kitchen. I felt the smile dominate my face and I pushed Marc to the side. He took the hint and found us a place to sit. When Candice looked at me, I nodded and walked over to her. It was moments like this where i thought nothing of Michelle.

“Good to see you tonight.” I flashed a white smile.

“Why don’t you see me when I’m not at work…” Candice smirked and turned to retrieve an order from the bar.

I walked up and sat beside her on the bar stool. “I’m thinking we should do something this weekend.”

“Let me see your phone.” Candice looked me up and down. Though I’d just finished a heavy brawl with Raz and Tam, my hair was no where near as bad as it was when I got attacked by dirt and misty bats.

I handed my phone off to Candice and she began pressing buttons.

“I’m looking forward to the weekend. I hope to hear from you.” Candice pushed the phone back to me and walked away. She didn't get far; Candice was searving the table right next to where Marc was sitting.

I felt like the luckiest guy in the world to have walked in on this particular evening. This was going to be a fun night.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I got back to my desk sore. Raz and Tam put up a hell of a fight. At least Terra got her kid back. She can call me later to tell me how she handled Dispatch. I was more concerned with getting back to the office. Today I was supposed to be a normal person catching a cold. The good news was that itch in my throat is gone. All of today’s action must have got my system working overtime.

The receptionist left several messages for me, from Michelle – even a note that she’d stopped by. I wasn't surprised that there was also one on the voicemail.

Leroy! You said you had a meeting, but you are no where to be found. Your office said you never returned for lunch. Are you blowing me off? Am I gonna have to have the whole MPD force out looking for you? You'd better give me a pretty good explanation, misther.

Call me.

Looks like I’m going to have to put in some work to make this up to her.

There was also a voicemail from Derrick.

Yo, Leroy. Michelle was so pissed that you left lunch. Her head almost exploded. I can’t believe you just left her sitting there. You ain’t the only superhero in the world! You don’t have to go on ever mission. Well, leave it to you to make Michelle mad, which in turn made Tracie mad. She said if I ever did something like that, she would never speak to me again. Yo, Leroy – man… You always messing things up. I just went on and quit the Urban 30. I don’t want Tracie as mad at me – the way Michelle was mad with you. Hit me later!

I reminded myself again why its bad to do favors for people.

The last message had just come in a few minutes ago from Raz.

Hey Leroy, this is Tomieka. Thanks for getting me home, and sorry about about that whole thing. You know how Tony is. Anyway, Tam is on the way over. For some reason, I still can't get produce a charge. Maybe I've just been working too hard. I felt a scratch in the back of my throat for the last two weeks - so I guess I'm just coming down with something. Anyway, as soon as I feel better, I'm buying you a few rounds at the bar. Bye.

I guess whatever she had was going around - I did feel that itch earlier. But it seems to be gone now.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I sat down in the armchair for more than a few minutes. Everything about this passageway was all too comfortable. If it weren’t for the sudden tremor I would have probably dozed off. I looked down the hall and back again to see if something had crashed, then finally realized that the shock could have come from one of the other tunnels. Of course now I have to worry if Terra was ok.

I began to hover. I needed to move faster and flying was definitely better than walking. I had barely picked up any pace, yet, when I felt a sharp sting on my upper back. I turned around and felt three more on my chest and stomach.

What the…” I dropped to my feet and focused down the hallway.

“We just wanted to get your attention, Leroy.” Raz called out.

“Tomieka…, Jada? What are you doing here?” I was a bit surprised to see Raz and Tam. I don’t remember Terra calling for more back-up.

“We came to get Christopher.” Tam was playing her hair.

“Why?” I was genuinely clueless.

“Dispatch doesn’t want you guys to hurt him. So, just look at us and the neighborhood repo gals.” Raz turned to one of the pictures on the wall. “Oh, this is niiiiice!”

“I think it’s best we let Terra and Christopher work thier own issues out. Dispatch has too many undercover reasons for his actions.” I bent my brow to show I was serious.

“Not an option, Leroy-baby.” Raz was pouty.

Raz reached into her side pouch for more marbles. Just then, Tam jabbed me in the side and kicked me forward to the ground. How could I forget that Tam liked a fight almost as much as I did.

I stood from the floor. “Why are we fighting ladies?”

“No hard feelings, babe. We’ll take you for drinks when it’s all over.” Raz hurled two more of her fire-red charged bearings.

My back felt like it did when I was a kid and mom hit me a few times with the belt for gluing her favorite wig to the cat. I didn’t think it was fair, though. Whose idea was it to have a bald cat for a pet? Once Lady Godiva (our cat) got out the hospital, mom took her to grandma’s house to live. Lady Godiva ran away a few weeks later.

Tam stepped up to me and planted some sort of flip kick maneuver in the center of my chest. “I’m starting to get really pissed off ladies.” I tried to warn them.

Three more of Raz’s energy bearings on my thighs and calves and suddenly I was slammed against the wall by one of Tam’s force fields. It’s official; I’m really angry.

I breathed in deep and positioned myself to push back. You couldn’t see the invisible wall that Tam had just slammed at me, but you damn sure felt it. I felt like a mime pushing to get out of the box, all the while Raz picked up her scorched marbles and began skipping down the corridor.

If I’ve never mentioned it before, my sonic power works from all the stored up energy my body takes from every impact. I take enough hits and my body starts to feel energized. My head gets light, as if I’d been drinking and eventually I feel jittery. Once that shaking feeling kicks in, I have to start letting it out. My favorite way to do that is to hit something. The impact of my attack causes a booming sound wave that creates short ranged damage.

The best thing about this power is the bang – it’s a heavy-hitting ability. The downside is the build-up – you have to get hit or there is no boom. In this case, I’ve taken in enough to break this field that Tam is projecting. I let out a loud roar and pushed back on Tam’s force field. When I had enough room to cocked my right arm back , I gripped my fist and punched. BAM! Almost like a gun. The sonic wave from the impact shattered Tam’s field and knocked her back.

I took advantage of the shock Tam felt to push her aside and go after Raz. She was a fast runner, but I wasn’t on foot. I caught up to Raz near a door at the end of the corridor. I assumed that Christopher was on the other side. Another tremor shocked the room and knocked Raz against the wall. Just enough diversion for me to catch her.

Raz ignited into a series of punches and kicks, leaping against the wall and flipping over me. Down to a foot sweep and back up with a scissor kick, this sista was no joke. I caught her foot coming down and yanked her to the ground. I pinned her down and begged her to stop.

Raz panted heavily, but smiled. “What’s the matter, Leroy? Are you worried I might tell all of your friends you got beat by a girl?” She was still taunting me.

“You can’t beat me, Raz. You aren’t strong enough.” I could feel the emotion in my anger. These were supposed to be friends. This wasn’t the same thrill as fighting Brice.

“…but I can!”

I felt the force of Tam’s kick in the center of my back. I think this chick wanted to break my spine or something. Raz got up and immediately tossed more of her hyper-charged exploding marbles at me. I covered my face, but the rest of me felt the punishment. When I uncovered my face, Raz was right there with another assault of kicks and punches.

I grabbed Raz’s wrist and hurled her around before she could find a way to kick free. Tam charged toward me. We lounged at each other as if we were sworn enemies. I really didn’t want to hit her or Raz, since I try not to hit women. But it shouldn’t count if the women are as super as me. Tam was a strong sista and she could hold her own. She kicked me into the wall, I grabbed her leg and swung her into the wall beside me. She rolled over and punched, missing my face by inches. I grabbed her neck and slammed her into the opposite wall. We went on like this for more than a few minutes.

By now, I’m lightheaded and my body is burning up. I could feel that jittery feeling – like when you have a fever and your body won’t stop trembling. Raz stepped back up, side by side with Tam. I dropped to the ground, pounding hard to release a sonic wave. They calculated, leaped into the air, using the walls for more height to flip over. Tam retaliated, pushing an invisible field toward me. The impact sent me through the door, rolling into a much larger room.

I looked up and saw Terra, shocked from the BANG of me exploding through the door.

“Hey Terra!” I took in a breath and ran back into the corridor.

Raz tried to run right by me, but I grabbed her arm. I pulled her right into Tam, knocking her off balance. With a heavy hand, I slammed my hand onto the wall. The wave exploded like a bomb. Both Raz and Tam fell to the ground, fanning the dust and debris. I grabbed them both by their wrists and threw them one by one through the exit.

The ceiling was beginning to fall. I was still light-headed. I could go a few more rounds, but Raz and Tam looked exhausted. Raz smiled and me and Tam gave me the middle finger. The ceiling and walls crashed behind me. Maybe we played too rough with each other, back there?

Terra’s expression was priceless. I managed a smile and a light laugh through all the heavy breathing.

“Hey, Terra…” Catching my breath. “Raz and Tam are here.”

“Hey, girl!” Raz and Tam said in unison.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I replayed the last hour over in my head. First I get to Terra’s house. Though I saw Candice, there was no time to talk to her. Next, we head straight over to some row house on capital hill and after an exchange with a sexy housekeeper, we found ourselves in some dark tunnels extending from the basement.

This particular one seemed to go down at first, some pretty long stairs – like going down the Dupont Circle escalators. The floor was carpeted and through the dim light from the illuminating sphere I held, I could see pictures and vases along the walls. I assume that when you have as much money as Christopher did, or apparently still has, you have nothing to do but decorate hallways that only get used one or twice a decade. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Christopher held small social events in these burrows. Perhaps at one point, I will pass a mini bar – which I won’t be above fixing a drink.

All this quiet time gave me a moment to think. I’m not even twenty minutes into this walk before I spot an arm chair and immediately sat down. Rather than think of the current mission, I was more focused on my thoughts. Let’s face it… Terra is more than capable of dealing with her “baby’s father”. Not to mention she has help from the old guy and the ugly guy with the pony-tail. There is no room for Sonus to shine. I like to be where I’m needed and I don’t really feel needed yet.

I flipped the switch to the flashlight and was a little surprised it worked. Playfully, I decided to throw the little sphere away. Since I had a flashlight, I no longer needed the tiny light source. As if I were in the major leagues – and I assure you I have not ever played baseball a day in my life – I stood tall and breathed in deep. Dropping into my stance, I winded my arm back and launched the miniature globe.

It appears that I can’t throw like the pros, cause that thing just bounced from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Then, in a flash it exploded against the left wall of the corridor. I heard a loud humming and for a second wondered if I was in trouble. This was one of those moments where you couldn’t help but feel like you were nine all over again. You had just hit the ball and it broke a window and you feel like running away before you get blamed for it – even though it’s your fault.

The lights flickered on. I think I hit a power box. Damn! How lucky was that? Rather than rush to the end, I sat back down in the armchair. Now that I can see, I realize just how nicely decorated this place is. Just like a never ending hallway in your parent’s home. I took another five or ten minutes to sit before standing back. Well, time to get the show on the road. I can be a good sport about it. But if I find a mini bar, I’m not above stopping for a drink.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We had just scared the hot maid into telling us where Terra’s ex-husband ran off to with their kid. This was definitely some family drama that I didn’t want to be involved with, but Terra is a friend – though I wished I was back at lunch, substituting Michelle for Candice.

We’d just reached the basement. Somehow the old creepy guy had beat us to the punch. The more I looked at him, he resembled Terra. Suddenly I felt like knocking myself on the head. How could I not know this was Terra’s dad? Well, I should probably ask to be on the safe side – but the idea of him being Terra’s father was more comfortable than assuming they were dating. Ew.

"There are several tunnels running behind these walls." The old guy looked agitated. But he’s worn that expression since we left the apartment.

Everyone got quiet for a second to decide what to do. I grabbed my hip, suddenly feeling my phone vibrate. According to this text message from Derrick, Michelle is not happy that I left lunch so abruptly. Rather than reply back to Derrick, I sent a text message to Michelle.

Hey babe, sorry I had to leave so quickly. My little sister was having a breakdown and I
needed to be there. I will make it up to you.

It sucked that I had to lie, but I can’t tell her I’m dressed in a super tight hero costume looking for some small child. You just don’t tell everyone your super-secrets.

I looked up from my phone when I noticed the lights went out. What the heck was going on? Terra said something about splitting up. Then the unfriendly guy with the out-dated pony-tail tossed some sort of ball of electric energy to us to use as a light source. I looked blankly at the small sphere and then back to Terra and her strange friends. For some reason, I really wanted to go home. This was no fun at all.

The guy I believe to be Terra’s father walked through the first tunnel, Terra picked the second. The pony-tail guy stalled to give me the side-eye, once again, then went in through the third tunnel. I had every desired to punch the wall and hope the ceiling would fall down on him.

Just before stepping into the fourth tunnel, I turned to survey the room. I hadn’t much paid attention since I was text messaging earlier– though it’s important to know your surroundings. Over at the only cabinet to look open, I found a flash light. The rest of the stuff in there looked like junk. I wondered if Terra’s rich ex-husband was a pack-rat.

I turned and saw the hot maid coming down the steps.

“I never slept with him..” She said to me. She talked as if she had just had oral surgery.

“Hey, that’s your business. I have nothing against freaky maids.” She looked as if she didn’t understand me.

“My code is 6-9-4-6-9. You will need that to get through the locked doors.” She sat on the steps.

I smiled. She’s got 69 in her pass code. This woman must be a stone cold freak. I walked through the last tunnel. Maybe I should have asked for her phone number?

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I climbed through the window and smirked as I made my way to the kitchen. Terra hadn't even bothered to introduce her guests– not that I really cared; I wasn't looking forward to ever seeing them again. Reaching in the 'fridge, I grabbed a juice box and devoured it before grabbing three more. Terra always bought things in bulk, so I didn’t think she would mind. Hell, now that I thought about it, these things are kid-sized, she should understand my need to have more than one. I drank one more before closing the fridge, still with 3 in hand. I was incredibly thirsty.

When I came out of the kitchen, I noticed the old guy was gone. That left one mystery guest who seemingly sneered at me. I grinned and inhaled the remaining three juice boxes. I suddenly realized that just maybe, I should have stopped at juice box number four. Too late to cry about it now…

We left Terra's apartment, back through the window. Her guest complained why we would try to be so discreet. Maybe he was new to the superhero game? As we flew to 8th and H Street, NE, I was more focused on if my stomach was poking out too much in my costume. You know that feeling you get when you drank too much water at one sitting. I also noticed Terra's lil man-friend giving me the “side eye”. He and I may need to have a chat about this quiet disrespect he has for me.

I turned my attention from dude when I heard Terra catching an attitude with some woman in one of the row houses. I looked back to Terra's friend and suddenly wanted to hit him. Terra forced her way inside and I followed right behind. For some reason, I wanted to assume this woman was the maid. I had absolutely no foundation for it. It was just the first thing that popped into my head. But whoever she was, she was dressed really nice - very easy on the eyes. I think I stared at her legs two seconds too long. Maybe she didn’t notice?

The inside of the house was laid, very modern. This was a man’s heaven with all the electronics. I quickly grabbed the remote to see what kind of channels this television could get. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was a maid for hire and if she was cheap labor - to come and clean my apartment.

I still wondered who lived here. Assuming Terra believes that her husband and kid was here, maybe this was an in-law. But the could-be maid was so nice to look at, and had no resemblance to Terra's Ex. Yep, she's got to be the maid.

Oh snap! I just remembered that Christopher was loaded. Maybe this is one of the houses that Terra couldn't get when they divorced. Wow! I should ask the maid if she will give me this television. Christopher was going back to jail, he wouldn't need it.

I looked over from the television to see that Terra’s friend was doing some sort of electric cage thing that pinned the housekeeper to the wall. It was that moment that I noticed that he had a pony-tail. I don’t think this guy is from around here. The worst part was that his power was not only damaging the walls but messing with the satellite television too. Somehow the television was also connected to security cameras in and around the house – I knew this when the channel kept changing and I saw Terra on the screen trashing the rooms upstairs. Curiously, I pushed play on the DVD player and caught a glimpse of a very "adult" video. Shame on our house-keeper… I'm all for a wild chick, but this gal ain't got no morals.

Terra stormed downstairs and preceded to man-handle the super-hot porn vixen / maid. Another reality for today was that Terra was quite dramatic.

"This is the last time I'm going to ask you. Where is he?" The way I see it, smack the chick around. Then she will talk.

Oh damn! I just had a better idea. "Wait a minute, Terra." I interrupted Terra’s scary moment.

Stepping between Terra and the housekeeper-with-benefits, I whispered so that Terra couldn’t hear me. I know your secret. The maid held her breath.

I mean, I get it. It’s a classic scenario, maid comes in to clean the house, gives the guy a freaky fantasy type screw and then collects a fat check. You can't knock the hustle. I mean, this chick is hot. She’s probably got dozens of clients and lives like a celebrity. I’m sure she doesn’t want to leave here looking like one of those grimey dirt monsters from Lord of the Rings. I leaned in closer to the maid. She smelled funny. Still in a whisper... She’s got this tentacle thing when she gets mad. She will rip you apart slowly and eat your limbs piece by piece. Lots of pain.

The maid whispered back to me. Even though I think she pee’d her pants, she really was a nice looking woman. She should have been his assistant, not just the maid.

I looked over to Terra. “Basement…” This was the second time today I realized the old guy was missing. What’s his deal?

I kicked through the hidden door to the basement, then turned back to the terrified sex saleswoman. I smiled and nodded to her for her assistance and mentally hoped she would get her act together. Then I turned to head down the stairs. Of course pony-tail guy was pressed to go first. I should push him…

Monday, April 7, 2008


Realizing that I had just left before eating, I figured Terra wouldn’t mind if I stopped for a bite before getting to her house. Considering that Terra lives near the Marine Barracks, it probably means I can make a pit-stop into Marty’s and get some wings and calamari to go. Granted all that fried food doesn’t make for a healthy hero meal – I was more concerned satisfying my appetite.

It’s always interesting to show up in full costume. Careful to only pay with cash, using a credit card could give up your identity. In most occasions, you get the food for free. I think it’s a great trade off, not just for saving the city but to make up for all the folks staring at you as if you were from another planet. Still, they admire me – even through blank faces.

I drifted low, over the buildings toward Terra’s apartment. I got a large drink and finished it off before I had gone two blocks. I specifically asked for “light Ice”…. I felt like going back to complain. I flew lower to drop the cup in the trash after deciding I could get something to drink at Terra’s. Now that I think about it, I hope she doesn’t get upset that I want to eat before we go get Kera. It’s not that I put food before her daughter, but you know it’s important to eat.

Just as I reached the roof of Terra’s apartment, it felt really weird to come in through the front door, I saw Candice and another girl on the fire escape. They waved to me. Of course I waved back. Now I needed to make her think its just a pit stop, and I’m not going into Terra’s house. This was the perfect opportunity to eat a few pieces of the chicken and the calamari.

No other way to explain it; I must have been hungry. This had to have been a record for how fast I can eat. I peaked over the edge to see if Candice and her friend were still there. Once the coast was clear, I dropped down to Terra’s window and tapped for her to let me in. That old guy from the hearing was there – but I didn’t recognize the other guy. For some reason, I didn’t like the way he looked at me – or Terra’s father for that matter.