Friday, February 8, 2008


We had just started to enter the tunnel when I heard someone yell "Leroy! I noticed you have an open spot on your crew...will it be an inconvenience for me to accompany you?"

I was surprised to see Brice approaching. It had been weeks since I’ve see this kat, and I definitely didn’t miss him. I sort of smiled to myself, to think that Brice probably thought I would need more help. Even though it was only Derrick, Router and I, we could handle it. And when is Derrick going to come up with a name – we can’t keep using his Government name.

I nodded and Brice was on our heels. No time for introductions, though, I was concerned about Ean.

It was probably a bad idea to just journey down a tunnel without really knowing where it leads. Even worse, there was no light. I found myself wondering from time to time just how much the cleaning bill was going to be for my costume. Then it suddenly hit me… I pulled out my cell phone. We weren’t too deep in the tunnel, I still had one bar. I tapped a few buttons and listened for the ring.

“Hello!” She screamed into the phone.

“Crystal…” I stopped moving so that I wouldn’t lose my signal.

“Haaaaayyyyyy Leroy. How you doin’…” She was smacking on some gum, and yelling at her 4-year old son in the background.

“I need an appointment for late tonight.” I really hope she can accommodate.

“Damn, Leroooy. This ain’t no hoe-stop.” I could hear some girl scream from Crystal pulling her hair too hard. “You know you my favorite client, even though I just saw you three days ago. I gotchu!”

“Thanks, Crystal.” I hung up before she could say anything else.

Just as I put my cell phone back, I realized we could use it for a little bit of light. I grabbed my flip phone again and pushed the button, holding it in front of me.

Derrick smiled. “Why didn’t I think of that?” He grabbed his cell phone and did the same. Router and Brice followed. Router stopped bringing his cell phone to a fight because he always lost it. One time, a villain found it and called his I.C.E. number. I laughed that a villain would actually call the In Case of Emergency number to prank whomever picked up.

After about 10 minutes of walking, Derrick’s phone rang – loud. Just as he answered, the call dropped. Then his battery died. We started to laugh about it until we heard some sort of noise from in front of us. Sounded like running water, or a pipe hissing. Maybe we were close to the lair. How wrong could I be?

Just as I pushed the button on my cell phone to turn the light back on, I saw tiny little blurred red dots. What the hell…?

Derrick tapped me on the shoulder. “Hey, I need to make sure that wasn't important. I will be right back.” He zoomed back up the tunnel.

I staggered to brush off the dirt that Derrick kicked up from running so fast. Router was kneeled down to search through the metallic box he’d been dragging with him. I stepped over to him to hold the phone toward to help him see when I felt something wet on my head. It was as thick as a milk shake and made me want to curse that it landed right on my head. So glad I made the appointment with Crystal.

Wiping my head with one hand, I held the light to Router with the other.

“Put your phone away.” Router said in a calm tone.


“Just a warning.” He responded.

I felt a sharp sting in my back. Like the one you get when you wet the towel at the pool and snap it at your friends. Ouch! For a second, I thought it was Enigma - but he was standing on the other side of Router. Whatever hit my back felt just as nasty as what fell in my hair. Router reached up and closed my flip phone. Then something wet hit my hand. I quickly switch my cell to my other hand and put it back in the case on my hip.

“What’s going on, Router?” He seemed less confused than me. Brice was silent. I wondered if he would run.

“These are tunnel creatures. They are like bats, but made of some watery mist type of thing. The red dots are how they see.” How the hell does Router know this?

I felt more and more stings, on my legs and arms and chest. Instinctively, I started throwing punches, blindly. Some I hit, most I didn’t. In minutes I felt even more surrounding me. I’ve never felt so dirty. Except that time I woke up with a hang over with the homeless woman. Nope, this was worse. I was covered in a swarm of these things – to the point where I started to feel like I was really in water.

Punching as hard as I could, I could feel myself hitting the walls of the tunnel. The ceiling was rattling, dropping more dirt. Now I’ve got muddy hair… What the hell was Router doing to help?

“Hang on, Sonus.”

Suddenly a bright light flashed. UV heated like a small sun. The tunnel creatures turned into steam right in front of me. Router flashed the light on Brice next. Apparently he had just as much trouble as I did.

“Grab my case and follow me.” Router said as he moved forward to shine the light forward. Derrick showed up just then.

“What did I miss?” He looks over to Router. “Why’d you bring a flash light to fight a guy who controls light.”

I smacked Derrick on the back of the head and told him to grab the case.

We followed Router all the way to the end of the tunnel. Once out, Router turned around to prop the light to shine back up the tunnel. “This will keep more from coming behind.”

“I can’t believe there isn’t one freaking lamp or something down here.” Suddenly, the lights came on. Luminus was standing in the center of the room.

“Light is everywhere…”

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