Thursday, February 7, 2008


When I got to the spot, I notice that most of the gang had beat me there. I knew Derrick would, but I had no idea of the magnitude of the situation. Raz, Tam, Mack and Router were standing off to the right. There was some new guy (big fella, too) that I had never seen before, but I’m a firm believer in never having too much muscle. Terra was fiddling with some weird looking part of sun glasses and talking to the new guy.

“All right everybody, let’s do this!” Terra called.

“Wait…” I cautioned. “Let’s split in two. There are enough of us that we can approach from two sides.”

Everyone looked at me, hesitant about me giving orders – particularly because I’m not an active member in the Urban 30.

“Look, you guys can stare or we can help Ean.” I looked over at Terra. “I can go in the front. Terra, maybe u can make a hole and come in on the other side.”

Terra nodded.

“I’m with Sonus!” Derrick called out.

In that moment, instead of being happy for his support, I was actually wondering if he had picked a hero name. I guess my priorities are a bit off trail.

The new guy stood next to Terra, along with Mack Truck and Raz and Tam. I guess they really don’t want to cross Dispatch. Surprisingly, Router stood by me.

Making light of the imbalance… “I like a challenge.”

“I wonder if there are mole people down there.” Derrick asked, randomly.

“Why would you hope for more trouble?” Router was looking through his car for gadgets he’d had or made.

“Cause if there are mole people… there are mole women. They might even be cute.” If I haven’t said it before… Derrick has the worst taste in women.

“Ok folks, let’s vibe wit it!” I said as I started through the dark steep entrance.

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