Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Needless to say I was pretty pissed with Derrick for the whole Urban 30 thing. I knew deep down he wanted to be a hero again, just didn’t think he’d go back to the Urban 30. Not that we had specific conversations about him rejoining, but Derrick was always happy to be the not-so-average Joe. No costume or anything. If he wanted to use his speed, he just did. In a way, I admired Derrick’s freedom, but I was all about the costume and the image.

I’m sure I won’t stay angry with Derrick for long. Even I knew I was just upset because I felt out of place. It’s like having a talent, with no outlet to share it. I turned on the television to find something to make me laugh – it was either that or blast my iPod through the sound dock.

Just as I found something to watch, Buffy repeats, Derrick enters my office. I just frowned and took my attention back to Buffy. When you think about it, Faith was kind of hot.

“I just came by to apologize.”

That was very unlike Derrick, so I figure I should squeeze a bit more out of him. I turned up the television and put on a mean-mug. Derrick took the bait and walked further into the office, very apologetic. Just as he opened his mouth to say it again, his alarm went of. Damn it. Even when I am not in the Urban 30, Dispatch can ruin the moment.

“Hey… you might want to come. Ean’s in trouble and Terra is on her way to the scene.”

I started to point out how much Dispatch would be against that idea. But when I saw the crooked smile on Derricks face, it was clear he already knew.

“Let’s go!” Finally, back in action.

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