Monday, February 11, 2008


I suddenly wondered if I were in a disco. After being underground with no real light, my eyes were already at a strain. Luminous had just revealed himself and I thought this would be the part where we fought. Not the case at all.

Terra and her team arrived just after Luminous stepped out. We could barely smile and wave before the light started flashing. Everything in the next few seconds seemed like slow motion. I squinted, reacting to the bright strobe light affect. One by one, our folks were gone. We came in numbers, but now there was just me. How in the hell did that happen.

The flashing stopped. I looked around. I could hear voices - even hear Terra fussing with Luminous – but there was no one here. I stepped back and bumped into something that looked like nothing. It felt like a person, but I couldn’t see anything. Instinctively, I backed up toward the center of the room. Perhaps one of those misty air water bat things were forming. I focused on that one spot waiting for it to appear.

It… never appeared. Instead, rocks just started flying everywhere. The first one hit me on my back, just at the shoulder. Why is everything hitting me from behind? I did my best to dodge them, but they came so fast. At least three I had to hit dead on – well, one hit me. That’s definitely going to hurt in the morning. The rocks suddenly stopped.

Luminous appeared from the thin air. He was breathing heavy. Maybe this place had a secret stairway that I didn’t know about.

“Hey Lu-Lu. You’ve got some bad manners. Didn’t anyone ever teach you how to treat your guests?” Taunting the bad guys was such a fun part of the job.

“This from a bunch of uninvited trespassers.” He sneered in return.

With my meanest face, I walked toward Luminous. He didn’t back down. I was hoping he wouldn’t. I needed to get close enough to pick a fight before he started hiding in the dark.

I gripped my fists; I was getting closer to him.

“Not another step, Sonus.” Luminous started to fade.

I stood still. If I get closer, he will do his disappearing act. So the question is, how do I get to him before he gets away. Thinking, I stepped back to allow Luminous to relax. My only option was a distance attack – not my specialty. I had a bit of energy stored from the three rocks and the stinging mist-bats, but that wouldn’t do much. That was maybe one or two sonic blasts – but nothing heavy. Not much of an option for me.

Doing my best acting, I did my best to look relaxed. I looked around as if I was suddenly over the idea of fighting with Luminous. He never took his eyes off me. Though I stayed alert, I tried hard to seem more interested in my surroundings than him. He grinned. I ignored it and asked how long he’d been down here – even suggested he get a few plants to liven the place up. Luminous laughed.

“I know you don’t think you’re gonna get a girlfriend with that laugh. You know Lu-Lu, you should hang out with me sometime. I can show you how to meet women.” Then I switched the subject. “Man, what is this thing right here.” I pretended to marvel at an oversized drilling machine in the corner.

Wait for it... wait for it!

Just as Luminous looked like he would answer, I quickly attacked with my sonic blast. I was sure to stay within range during my ranting. But I wasn’t quick enough. In an instant Luminous was gone.

“Damn…” Maybe he was waiting for it.

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