Thursday, February 21, 2008


I thought maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. Perhaps I had been down here too long, a victim of complete darkness and artificial light. Luminous reappeared, along with Enigma, Router and Derrick. Even Terra’s team was back on the other side of the room, minus Terra and that big guy I had never met before.

Luminous was facing Enigma, and both seemed focus – dazed. Oh shyt! I think Enigma is in Luminous’ head. Derrick and Raz and Tam started whining about what was going on. Router went back over to the trunk he’d brought down with us. I did just what anyone would have expected me to do. I walked right up to Luminous and I hit him. Hard.

His reflexes were too slow. Whatever Enigma was doing in his head gave us an edge. I punched Luminous again, then grabbed him and slammed him against the rock wall. Whenever he snaps out of the trans that Enigma put him in, he’d feel a world of pain. I continued to punch him to be sure he would.

Gasping, Luminous’ eyes rolled to the back of his head and he passed out. I grabbed him and dragged him over to Raz and Tam.

“Watch him.” I demanded.

“What about Ean?” Router asked as he brought over restraints for Luminous.

“Yeah… and Enigma still looks like he is inside of Luminous’ head.” Derrick added.

I looked over to Enigma. “Find Ean, Derrick. Enigma will have to find his own way out.”

I motioned for Raz and Tam and Router to follow me. Mack Truck threw Luminous over his shoulder and trailed behind. The tunnel only went one way, and it was a hell of a climb. When I got to the top, I wondered how come I didn’t think to just fly up.

We reached the surface and Elemental was already there. She looked a bit shocked to see us. I nodded and immediately started brushing dirt off my costume.

“Where is Enigma?” She asked. No one answered. “We can’t leave him. We are a team.”

“I guess I should go and get him…” I wondered if he was still vacationing inside of Luminous’ head.

Just as I was headed back down the tunnel, Derrick and Ean came out. You owe me a drink, I told Ean. Elemental handed me the night shades she’d been using and I dove straight down the steep tunnel. Flying down would be a lot faster than the slow crawl we did the first time.

I had just made up my mind when I got to the platform that I was getting a new costume made. This kind of situation usually leaves tougher stains. I started talking to Enigma a second too soon before I realized he was missing. His cape was mangled in the space where he stood. Where the hell did he go?

I called out a few times, but he didn’t answer. Great, now we’ve got another missing person. Will it ever end?

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