Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I woke up this morning with that weird feeling that I know I’m getting sick. Not just a sinus issue where you can take a few pills for clarity – thank the Lord I don’t suffer from allergies. But this however, was a real cold. This was that kind of scratchy, itchy feeling in your chest and throat that has you involuntarily submitting to a dry cough. I could already feel the tiredness creeping in to stay.

Regardless of my body, I went into the office. Not so much that I’m dedicated to the cause or anything like that, but because I was already behind on some things. Over the last week, since before we saved Ean from a guy who plays in the dirt, I’ve been not-so-motivated to finish a few projects. But as they say, sometimes you have to pay what you owe. I needed to get the work done.

The one thing I certainly missed about the old building was stopping by for coffee in the morning. There was no Candice to purchase coffee from – no matter how bad it was when she made it. Of course, from the outside, I was just wasting money. Who else buys coffee just to throw it away? But I ask in return, was that coffee made with love by Candice? Didn’t think so… On the other hand though, I’ve saved about $15 - $20 a week since I’ve been here. Good times.

By noon, I felt like I was finally catching up. I also felt like I need a nap. Damn cough! Derrick buzzed in on the work phone – probably to say he was dropping by for lunch.

“Dude, what the hell is going on?” Derrick seemed impatient.

“What do you mean?”

“Michelle told Tracie that you hadn’t called her in days. Now Tracie is mad at me because Michelle is mad at you because Michelle thinks you don’t like her any more.” Derrick was really concerned.

“Are we 12 years old?” I failed to see how me and Michelle could affect Tracie and Derrick.

“Huh?” Apparently Derrick didn’t see my point.

“Michelle’s been really busy with a case, and I’ve been taking work home. You know that. I’d love to see more of Michelle, but…” Derrick cut me off.

“See, that’s what I told Tracie. So come on downstairs. I told Tracie that we would meet her and Michelle for lunch.”

Ok, maybe it’s me. But think that whole conversation was a set up.

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