Monday, March 24, 2008


No point in staying the lobby long. When I noticed the time, I sent a quick text to Crystal who replied by saying I could still make my appointment. I'm definitely going to have to tip – right after I get home and change to regular clothes with actual cash in the pockets.

March, Leah, and Tina assured me things would go well. Though I acted like I didn't care, they knew I was really disappointed. I wouldn't be the same doing things without the Urban 30. But all that pride I have stored up won't let me beg. Especially when Dispatch is just being petty.

There was some sort of uproar inside just as we left. I decided not to look back. They knew how to reach me with the results. And if it turns out that I got voted out, I didn't want to look raggedy and depressed. It's just not a good combination.

I flew as fast as I could to get home and change. I landed in the vacant apartment in my building, grabbed the change of clothes I had stashed and entered the hallway just regular Leroy Powers. I ran down the steps to get some cash, then right over to Crystal's. Immediately, I'm reminded of why I don't schedule late appointments with Crystal.

Her boyfriend, Malik doesn't necessary walk the straight and narrow. Even more, he and his friends convene at Crystal's before a night on the town. Darrius was guzzling his second 40… Mark and Alfred were throwing dice against the wall. And you can't forget Alexus, actually a guy with a girl's name, who was lingering in the refrigerator picking through the leftovers. In one of my sittings with Crystal, she'd been gossiping to another girl in the room that she would hook her up with Alexus. He may be a lil bit big, but he got a good heart. She tried to convince the girl. But when the girl declined based on his name, Crystal defended by saying, his momma named him that. She think that the "U S" makes it masculine, instead of using the "I S". I think the next time I came to get my hair done, the same girl was there saying that she and Alexus were going to have a baby. Good enough reason for me to only come during normal hours. It's less drama.

As soon as I arrived, Crystal immediately began working on my head, fussing about the dirt. I know I was complaining earlier, but it wasn't that bad. At least I thought. Malik offered me a drink – dark liquor. I had to pass. I could tell that Mark and Alfred had just gotten out of Crystal's chair, their heads were like live billboards of Crystal's talent.

Crystal wasn't 10 minutes into what she was doing when I got a text message on my phone. FUCK YEAH! I suddenly realize that I said it aloud, as opposed to in my mind. Awkward! I grimaced as they all returned to whatever they were doing, shaking their head. I'll never admit just how happy I am to get this news. I'm back 100% with the U-30…. No suspensions or probations or anything. Hell yeah! That's what I'm talking about. But I will reply after Crystal finishes my head in an hour or two. It's the Leroy thing to do...

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