Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The hearing opened with Dispatch asking me if I had anything to say for myself. I was all set to humble myself and not be anything less than mature and professional – but then it hit me. Again! This was all bullshit. Why am I on trial? All this because I kicked Brice through the freakin’ wall? The dude damn near floats, he wasn’t going to die. Sure, I may have broken the rules by striking a team member, disabling the inhibitor that Dispatch gave me and... what am I saying? This is all just dumb.

And so I said it...

“This is all just dumb.” Those were my first words.

“Is that it?” Dispatch seemed a bit cocky. Too serious.

“What more do you want it to be?” Ok, there I am. I’m sounding like myself.

Dispatch went on to say that I have been insubordinate, unprofessional and uncharacteristic of what a superhero is to stand for.

“As a mainstay in the Urban 30, it is your responsibility to set an example. Not just to the public, but to your peers. And example to the newer members and maintain respect for the more seasoned members.” Dispatch never really looked at me. He only stared at some papers on the table in front of him. “To add on to your less than acceptable behavior and lack of team work, I’d like to point out your above the law actions as the super hero ‘BAM’… something that you failed to mention when you first solicited membership with the Urban 30.” Dispatch got quiet and looked me directly in the eyes.

I think shock is the best way to describe the gasps and moans from my colleagues. Me, I was just feeling like I was thrown in front of a bus. That was just really messed up.

But, I’m me. “So what’s your point?” I focused only on Dispatch. Angry.

“BAM was a reckless, careless and unscrupulous character. Nothing about him reads hero. And by my records ‘Sonus’, you were him.” Dispatch placed his hand on an overstuffed file folder on the table he stood behind.

But I didn't need him to gloat over his evidence. I'll admit it. “I got the job done.” Why defend?

“You should be locked up for what you’ve done.” Dispatch looked aggravated that I wasn’t begging for mercy yet. I don’t scare easily.

“I don’t see the Urban 30 handing out rent vouchers. In fact, all financial benefits that go along with saving the city are just about gone. You get all the money to keep your lights on. But we don’t live here.”

“I will repeat. You should be locked up.”

Ok. So if I hadn’t thought it before. I think it now. Dispatch does not like me. But you won’t sucker me into a sympathetic monologue about why I need to stay. I got pride and all that junk.

The U-30 started talking amongst themselves and Dispatch demanded silence. This dude is crazy.

“The council will decide your fate, Sonus.”

“I don’t need no guys behind a shaded glass to tell me if I can play with the big boys. So, let me tell you what I know.” Dispatch tried to quiet me. If you are going to prove to the room that I don’t follow orders, what makes you think I will start now? Just a thought. “I know that I’m darn good at what I do. I know that I crossed the line a few times. But I also know that I made a lot of folks happy and saved a lot of folks from bad situations. So if you want me out of the club, that’s cool with me, but I don’t stop being a hero. You don’t get to call those shots for me, U-30 or not.” I'm a bad mother (shut yo mouth) - Just talkin about Shaft!

The room was real silent. Dispatch was fuming. I really thought we were better than that. Even friends at one point. But something is definitely going on. And he isn’t giving us all the details. In fact, I think everyone should know that.

I continued in the quiet. “I think your obsession with me being too close to the line has something to do with you, Dispatch.” He frowned his face. “Someone tells me you know something about these little totems that decorated my office until now.” I pulled out the totems, including Terra’s and tossed them at Dispatch. “You can decide what you want. I don’t care.”

I walked back to the lobby to sit down. Leah, Marc and Tina followed. I probably blew my chances. Oddly enough, my mind quickly wandered to Candice and if Crystal can still fit me in tonight.


Anonymous said...

Who is dis bama?

J Renzo said...

He would be Leroy J. Powers, Superhero.