Sunday, January 6, 2008


I can be known as somewhat an impatient guy. Most of the alerts we get through the Urban 30 are handled quick and easy. Well, quick and easy in a sense that some bad guy, or gal, is stepping out of line and we show up to beat him, or her, back into procession. But these cases that make you think… The cases where you have to figure out who your opponent is and what they are up to, those are the ones that really frustrate me. I just want it over – and I don’t want my friends hurt in the process.

Since I had owed Derrick the blind date favor, I figured last night was perfect. I’d spent all day thinking about the two figurines and Bitter’s words. Brice was the likely person to explain the root of all this, which means I needed to talk to him. The question was, with his problems spilling over to Terra, was I going to keep my cool.

I’d met Derrick and the two ladies down at Chuck’s. It’s a great after hours spot in the middle of downtown – convenient to everything but parking. What most folks don’t know is that a lot of HSA’s (Homo Sapiens Advanced) hang out here, so it’s really the safest place you can be. Side note: HSA is the politically correct term given to us by the government for being super.

Going to Chuck’s was great for a few reasons. While the drinks were watered down and not so appealing – perhaps not to have us too drunk on the job – the food was great! Adding to that was the fact you were always surrounded by good folks, even if you didn’t know their name. Lastly there was Jazmine. She could sing your address and it sound sexy. All your troubles just go out the door. Her voice is amazing

Derrick was already there with the twins. He’s always early, at the very least – on time. Surprisingly, the twins weren’t as visually challenging as I had expected. Tracie and Michelle were dressed very different, despite their faces being so similar. Interestingly enough, Michelle, my blind date, wanted to sing before decided to be a cop. I started to think perhaps we have a lot in common with the whole law enforcement thing. This was a great start – too bad it was only a start.

As the night moved, I discovered some personnel changes at Chuck’s. Candice, my beauty from the Mocha Bean Café, was a new server at Chuck’s. She smiled as she made note of remembering my face from the café. Even though Candice and I aren’t married yet (or actually dating), it still feels weird for her to see me with another woman. We were very cordial; Candice didn’t seem bothered by Michelle at all. Perhaps I was the only one to feel awkward.

If that weren’t enough, Derrick couldn’t say enough about being a fire fighter – though he left out all the times he’d used his powers to save someone from burning building – he gladly mentioned all his awards. Tracy was in retail. So while Derrick worked once every three days, apparently Tracy was only off once every three weeks. I wonder how this was going to work. Michelle on the other hand loved to talk about being a cop. What was interesting was her view of HSA’s. Apparently, she’s not keen on anyone enforcing the law who isn’t sanctioned by the government. Not that we aren’t… but, we aren’t – it’s complicated.

Michelle went further to say how she is following the trail of an HSA gone bad. This hero wears a dark costume with a bad attitude and no regard for the law. While it seemed he had gone off the grid, her sources say he resurfaced last night. She was adamant that she would take him down.

Great, now my date just became my stalker – and not the good kind. I think I’m going home. Alone…

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