Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Derrick caught up to me sometime during lunch. I had left the office for an extended lunch. With so many folks still out for Christmas, or embarrassment from the holiday party, the office is like a ghost town. The bad part is I apparently missed a few things that Terra was happy to fill me in on.

Moving on, I’m in the department store browsing some DVDs when Derrick shows up. That guy would be so crushed if he ever lost his speed powers.

“I called you, why didn’t you answer.” Derrick quizzed.

“When did you call?” I felt my pockets. “I think I left my phone in the car.”

“Oh. Ok. It was like 3 minutes ago.” Derrick turned to the selection of DVDs.

Derrick’s impatient attitude was the result of him meeting this “great” girl, who would only go out with him if he brought a friend – for her twin sister. What! Are you serious? What kind of girl will only go out with you unless you can promise a Beau for her sister as well? These are crazy times.

The more Derrick talked about this blind date I realized I had to know something. How he come to pick me? Easy... He didn’t. Apparently Derrick has a photo of everyone at my tree trimming party in his cell phone. While I know he could have shown cell phone pictures of his two single brothers or his coworkers down at the race track, I’m willing to testify in court that Derrick did not flip through so many pictures on account of him having so many photos of unattractive naked women. Naturally, Derrick didn’t want to scare his new prize, so he went for the first G-Rated picture available. Lucky me. This mystery woman took one look at pointed to me. Not that it mattered I was the only single person in the photo.

I only agreed to go because Derrick really begged. He has the worst taste in women, and I knew I was in for a horrible evening. Besides, isn’t it just a bit juvenile to only go out with a guy, if he can get a date for your sister? That doesn’t make me think these ladies are too good looking. Well, here’s hoping for a great personality.

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