Thursday, April 17, 2008


I replayed the last hour over in my head. First I get to Terra’s house. Though I saw Candice, there was no time to talk to her. Next, we head straight over to some row house on capital hill and after an exchange with a sexy housekeeper, we found ourselves in some dark tunnels extending from the basement.

This particular one seemed to go down at first, some pretty long stairs – like going down the Dupont Circle escalators. The floor was carpeted and through the dim light from the illuminating sphere I held, I could see pictures and vases along the walls. I assume that when you have as much money as Christopher did, or apparently still has, you have nothing to do but decorate hallways that only get used one or twice a decade. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Christopher held small social events in these burrows. Perhaps at one point, I will pass a mini bar – which I won’t be above fixing a drink.

All this quiet time gave me a moment to think. I’m not even twenty minutes into this walk before I spot an arm chair and immediately sat down. Rather than think of the current mission, I was more focused on my thoughts. Let’s face it… Terra is more than capable of dealing with her “baby’s father”. Not to mention she has help from the old guy and the ugly guy with the pony-tail. There is no room for Sonus to shine. I like to be where I’m needed and I don’t really feel needed yet.

I flipped the switch to the flashlight and was a little surprised it worked. Playfully, I decided to throw the little sphere away. Since I had a flashlight, I no longer needed the tiny light source. As if I were in the major leagues – and I assure you I have not ever played baseball a day in my life – I stood tall and breathed in deep. Dropping into my stance, I winded my arm back and launched the miniature globe.

It appears that I can’t throw like the pros, cause that thing just bounced from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Then, in a flash it exploded against the left wall of the corridor. I heard a loud humming and for a second wondered if I was in trouble. This was one of those moments where you couldn’t help but feel like you were nine all over again. You had just hit the ball and it broke a window and you feel like running away before you get blamed for it – even though it’s your fault.

The lights flickered on. I think I hit a power box. Damn! How lucky was that? Rather than rush to the end, I sat back down in the armchair. Now that I can see, I realize just how nicely decorated this place is. Just like a never ending hallway in your parent’s home. I took another five or ten minutes to sit before standing back. Well, time to get the show on the road. I can be a good sport about it. But if I find a mini bar, I’m not above stopping for a drink.

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