Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We had just scared the hot maid into telling us where Terra’s ex-husband ran off to with their kid. This was definitely some family drama that I didn’t want to be involved with, but Terra is a friend – though I wished I was back at lunch, substituting Michelle for Candice.

We’d just reached the basement. Somehow the old creepy guy had beat us to the punch. The more I looked at him, he resembled Terra. Suddenly I felt like knocking myself on the head. How could I not know this was Terra’s dad? Well, I should probably ask to be on the safe side – but the idea of him being Terra’s father was more comfortable than assuming they were dating. Ew.

"There are several tunnels running behind these walls." The old guy looked agitated. But he’s worn that expression since we left the apartment.

Everyone got quiet for a second to decide what to do. I grabbed my hip, suddenly feeling my phone vibrate. According to this text message from Derrick, Michelle is not happy that I left lunch so abruptly. Rather than reply back to Derrick, I sent a text message to Michelle.

Hey babe, sorry I had to leave so quickly. My little sister was having a breakdown and I
needed to be there. I will make it up to you.

It sucked that I had to lie, but I can’t tell her I’m dressed in a super tight hero costume looking for some small child. You just don’t tell everyone your super-secrets.

I looked up from my phone when I noticed the lights went out. What the heck was going on? Terra said something about splitting up. Then the unfriendly guy with the out-dated pony-tail tossed some sort of ball of electric energy to us to use as a light source. I looked blankly at the small sphere and then back to Terra and her strange friends. For some reason, I really wanted to go home. This was no fun at all.

The guy I believe to be Terra’s father walked through the first tunnel, Terra picked the second. The pony-tail guy stalled to give me the side-eye, once again, then went in through the third tunnel. I had every desired to punch the wall and hope the ceiling would fall down on him.

Just before stepping into the fourth tunnel, I turned to survey the room. I hadn’t much paid attention since I was text messaging earlier– though it’s important to know your surroundings. Over at the only cabinet to look open, I found a flash light. The rest of the stuff in there looked like junk. I wondered if Terra’s rich ex-husband was a pack-rat.

I turned and saw the hot maid coming down the steps.

“I never slept with him..” She said to me. She talked as if she had just had oral surgery.

“Hey, that’s your business. I have nothing against freaky maids.” She looked as if she didn’t understand me.

“My code is 6-9-4-6-9. You will need that to get through the locked doors.” She sat on the steps.

I smiled. She’s got 69 in her pass code. This woman must be a stone cold freak. I walked through the last tunnel. Maybe I should have asked for her phone number?

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