Monday, April 7, 2008


Realizing that I had just left before eating, I figured Terra wouldn’t mind if I stopped for a bite before getting to her house. Considering that Terra lives near the Marine Barracks, it probably means I can make a pit-stop into Marty’s and get some wings and calamari to go. Granted all that fried food doesn’t make for a healthy hero meal – I was more concerned satisfying my appetite.

It’s always interesting to show up in full costume. Careful to only pay with cash, using a credit card could give up your identity. In most occasions, you get the food for free. I think it’s a great trade off, not just for saving the city but to make up for all the folks staring at you as if you were from another planet. Still, they admire me – even through blank faces.

I drifted low, over the buildings toward Terra’s apartment. I got a large drink and finished it off before I had gone two blocks. I specifically asked for “light Ice”…. I felt like going back to complain. I flew lower to drop the cup in the trash after deciding I could get something to drink at Terra’s. Now that I think about it, I hope she doesn’t get upset that I want to eat before we go get Kera. It’s not that I put food before her daughter, but you know it’s important to eat.

Just as I reached the roof of Terra’s apartment, it felt really weird to come in through the front door, I saw Candice and another girl on the fire escape. They waved to me. Of course I waved back. Now I needed to make her think its just a pit stop, and I’m not going into Terra’s house. This was the perfect opportunity to eat a few pieces of the chicken and the calamari.

No other way to explain it; I must have been hungry. This had to have been a record for how fast I can eat. I peaked over the edge to see if Candice and her friend were still there. Once the coast was clear, I dropped down to Terra’s window and tapped for her to let me in. That old guy from the hearing was there – but I didn’t recognize the other guy. For some reason, I didn’t like the way he looked at me – or Terra’s father for that matter.

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