Sunday, January 27, 2008

Urban 30 Members: RAZ & TAM

Usually operating as a duo, they joined the Urban 30 because of Derrick. Though Derrick himself isn’t in the Urban 30, he used to be at one point and tried to use his status to pick up women. He flirted with both ladies at the same time – but they were more intrigued with his costume and affiliation. After pretending to like him long enough to get invited to HQ, they dumped him. Dispatch offered them membership and suspended Derrick for bringing outsiders into the HQ.

Raz is about 5’5” and Tam is about 5’6”. Known as Tomieka Davis and Jada Phillips, respectively, Raz and Tam are the more acrobatic fighters. They seem to have more fun bouncing about, than being worried about hitting the bad guys. But don’t get me wrong, these ladies can be bad-ass. As kids they found their powers more exciting when they used them together.

Raz carries an assortment of marbles and metal bearings that she can amp up with some sort of explosive energy. They usually explode like small fire crackers on impact. Then she picks them back up to amp them all over again. Tam has as much strength as me, but has some sort of force field power – somehow she manipulates the molecules in the air to make a barrier between her and her attacker. Though effective in a fight, Tam’s power can be a pain in every day life.

Raz and Tam can be pranksters at times. Once, Tam put a force field in front of Router as he was walking. The guy freaked out and panicked, yelling he couldn’t move and started to hyperventilate. Raz prefers the corny magic store pranks like whoopee cushions and the like.

Though Raz and Tam fight well together, they aren’t so good with others. You can expect them to just show up and feed from each other, as oppose to working with any strategy you can come up with. Mostly, Dispatch will pair them with Mack Truck. I don’t know why, but it seems to work.

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