Sunday, January 27, 2008

Urban 30 Member: MACK TRUCK

This guy is the brawn of the Urban 30. A few of us have abnormal strength, but Mack Truck is the strongest. His real name is Barry Riggs and he hates to be called Barry. He came up with his name because he had an obsession with trucks as a kid. He always thought he’d grow up to be a truck driver. Instead, Riggs works as a manager for a department store.

Riggs is not very tall. In fact, he is roughly 5' 9", but solid. He's got a shaved head, on account of the receding hair line – but he prides himself on great teeth and a perfect smile. Riggs is just over 45 years old and just divorced from wife number 4. I think it’s his smile and lumberjack muscles that will score him wife number 5.

I think Riggs can best be described is an old fashioned kind of guy. He isn’t too good with technology and has a basic way of doing things. At home, Riggs is always fixing things, putting up a wall, knocking one down – he’s hands on. In a fight, Riggs prefers the direct approach. However, while I like to rush in head first because I can be a bit cocky, Riggs will rush in for lack of a better plan.

My opinion is, you definitely want someone like Riggs on your team because he will put himself in danger before he lets anything happen to you. While Riggs is agile for his size, if the bad guys change pattern it can take Riggs a few minutes to adjust.

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