Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yesterday, I tried reaching Dispatch to pass on the message from Bitter. Though I was sure that Dispatch already knew (I think I said before, the guy knows everything), I still wanted to deliver the message in person. Maybe he’d give me some sort of clue as to what that was all about. But that didn’t happen. Dispatch hadn’t responded to any of my messages. I even asked Ean to tell Dispatch I would be waiting after hours at work. Dispatch didn’t show. Of course this makes me think the situation is more than it seems.

I decided that it would be in my best interest to take myself off suspension. For some reason, things are coming to me as Leroy and not as Sonus. Somebody is giving out all of my secrets. Maybe some tough love on the streets will get me a name. That idea came to a stop when I tried to unfasten the watch and it sent an electric shock to my system. First of all… ouch! That hurt. Dispatch wanted me out of the picture… wait a minute. Brice didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. Maybe they are in it together. Damn, maybe Dispatch is sending me those damn totems.

Clearly I was getting out of hand. My imagination was moving too fast. Though I don’t trust Brice, I know that Dispatch is one of the good guys. While I won’t question his allegiance, I will demand this watch be removed. Surely he could understand I need to protect myself.

I had spent most of today in the office, just working on some over due assignments. Something about my new office makes me want to do more work. Could this be some sort of mind control? After I left the office I walked down by the food court. The repairs were almost done, whoever owned it moved fast to fix it. Because of the new stores popping up, this area really started to attract a crowd. Then the deja-vu set in.

As I stood in the food court, trying to decide what I wanted to eat, I saw the same thugs from two days ago. I shook my head, as if I were trying to wake from a bad dream. The Thugs all motioned for me to come out. Blitz was standing outside. What the hell is going on, here? I just didn’t get it. Is there sign on my back? Does my MySpace page say to pass all superhero messages to me?

I wasn’t sure if I could use my powers with the watch on. It was obvious that I could not take it off – but could I still be super? As soon as I stepped outside, Suga Babe and Sno Cone appeared.

“I’m pretty sure I don’t owe any of you money…” I couldn’t think of any thing else to say. Random humor usually works when I’m speaking at work.

“My cousin doesn’t think you passed the message on to your friend. So we came to deliver it on different terms.” Sno Cone was fixing her clothes while speaking. Suga Babe was popping her gum.

Blitz grabbed me by the neck. I started to wonder if this is how Brice felt. If it was this kind of pain, I was hoping the answer was yes. It’s really hard to understand how these guys always showed up in such large numbers – does anyone fight one on one these days?

I had to admit to myself that this wasn’t looking like a fun situation. Perhaps it would be great if the Urban 30 would pop in and save the day. Hell, I’m not biased, it doesn’t have to be the Urban 30.

Just as Blitz tighten his grip, a hard flash of light hit. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that Suga Babe had just been struck by lightening.

“Let him go!” A voice demanded.

Blitz was distracted and I used that time to kick him in the neck. He was stunned, but not enough. He still held his grip on me. Ok, so mental note to self, don’t ever be restricted from using your powers whenever you fight Blitz.

Another flash and five of their thug henchmen dropped to the pavement. Yep, they’ve been electrocuted.

“I don’t like to repeat myself.” The person behind the voice was visible.

This guy looked familiar.

“I expected better from you Leroy.” He flashed a big wave of lightning and Sno Cone and Blitz began to back up. He had three others with him.

Yeah… I do know this guy.

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