Thursday, January 24, 2008


One draw back to being in the new office is not seeing Candice down at the coffee shop. Though she makes the worst coffee in history, I still wanted to buy it from her. Bad coffee or not, the work day goes on. As it turns out, the flat panel television on the wall was not just for television, it was also my computer monitor. For a while, I had been faking about redesigning some of our older training material, but I'm suddenly inspired by our upgraded technology.

Regardless of how productive I was being today, my mind still trailed to the totems. Even more, someone seems to know who I am, since two of them were delivered here to me at work. I hated this serious cloud over me. Being a super hero is supposed to be fun and fulfilling, not stressful. I don’t want to look 20 years older from all the worry.

On that note, I decided to grab some lunch. Everywhere around the new office was being rebuilt. New, modern offices, posh restaurants and eve a few lounges and bars. I could tell I was going to love it. I could work and party all in the same spot – and probably at the same time.

I stood in line at the food court, I had decided to get a deli sandwich, when I noticed two thugs entering though the glass doors. I held my head down as I smiled – I can handle two. Putting my money back in my pocket I looked up and saw two more. Perhaps this fight is going to get interesting. I excused myself from the line and walk around as if I hadn’t made up my mind about what to eat. What I really wanted to do was study their movement and see if I could catch the imprint of a weapon.

For a moment, I really thought I had everything under control – until more thugs came in. This started to feel way too organized. Even more, in my stint with the Urban 30, our bad guys don’t do this much working together. The thugs were at 10 plus, and then the big fish came in. Blitz crashed through the door, along with Suga Babe and Sno’ Cone. My jaw literally dropped to the floor. I was definitely out-manned. Hell, I didn’t even have my costume. Thugs would have been an easy scene, but I can’t go against Blitz, Suga Babe or Sno’ Cone without using powers. Even with powers, it’d be a hard win.

The place had gone in uproar. The thugs were harassing everyone and taking their money at the same time. Blitz combed the crowd smacking every guy whole looked strong enough to take a punch. It began to look like I might have to blow my cover.

“Leave those people alone!” I demand to Blitz.

“Hey sweetie…” Sno Cone and Suga Babe came right over to me. “It’s not polite to yell.” They latched on to both my arms like needy girlfriends. “My cousin wants to talk to you.” Sno said as they walked me to the front door.

Just as we got outside I heard the sound of screeching tires. I didn’t see Bitter anywhere in site, but I did notice the car speeding toward us. Apparently Router had learned to drive, thankfully. In mixed company, I had to be sure to use his hero name and not blow his cover – like mine had apparently been.

Router had approached quickly and maneuvered through traffic. He must have gone to traffic school. But I lost my glimmer of hope when a huge slope of ice appeared and led Router right off the pier. I had just discovered my first real problem with working so close to water.

Bitter walked out from behind a parked truck. Not that I needed to see him to know he was responsible for Router’s splash into the river.

“They only sent one hero to save you.”

I paused for a second. I hadn’t realized how much the temperature could drop when standing next to him. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” I wanted to sound helpless, but I don’t know how to play that card.

“Let’s not play games Mr. Powers.” Bitter looked me dead in the eyes. I hope he doesn’t freeze my eyes, because that would just be a low blow. “I know that you had a conversation with the brain of the Urban 30. And just like I thought, you could be the one to deliver a message for me.

I wondered what he wanted with Dispatch, and how did he see us together. We need tougher security in our office.

“I’m just an average guy.” I lied.

“Then who is that…” Bitter pointed behind him to reveal Mack-Truck, Raz and Tam. “Someone wants to save you.”

I heard Sno Cone whisper rematch before she and Suga Babe let me go. These girls were all about the fight.

Bitter stepped in close to me. “You tell your little friend that I know what he did. And I am coming for him.”

He froze my breath before I could take it in. I dropped to my knees, gasping. Bitter walked away, with no hurry or rush. The thugs slowly exited the food court and Blitz grabbed Suga and Sno and ran behind him.

Router fished himself from the water, cursing about his car. He joined Raz, Tam and Mack-Truck by my side to see if I was ok. Why is it that all the trouble finds me?

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