Saturday, January 12, 2008


Despite the fact it was winter, the temp outside was amazingly warm. I can’t explain it but I can’t argue with it, either. So far, I had gone to get my oil changed, done some banking and picked up some food from the grocery store. No superheroing for three weeks – sounds like I will have time to cook a real meal.

Now, I was back out for more errands. Instead of partying on a Saturday night, dad wants me to come over to have dinner with him and mom. So, I hit the mall. I don’t buy clothes often but I felt it was time for some new shirts. I don’t think I’ve ever been big on fashion and trends.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t give much thought to my visit with Terra yesterday after work. Christopher being out is a scary thing, but I kind of think it will keep Terra more safe than anyone realizes. If this totem creator is really after Terra, then I’m betting Christopher will switch sides – at least for that moment. So, until I’m back in action, there may just be some sort of checks and balances. But when I’m back, everybody is getting checked.

While in the store, I got another text message from Michelle. I think this chick really likes me. I don’t really know how to tell her about Candice yet, but I don’t know what to tell myself a bout Candice – so I guess its time to stop bring it up. I definitely hadn’t predicted this for myself.

Just as I reached the cash register with my three shirts, I’m a one stop kind of guy, I hear a loud crash inside the mall. Reflex, I ran out of the store to see what was going on. Down, next to the hair salon was Suga Babe and Sno’ Cone. These are my favorite two villains to look at. They look like they just came out of a rap video. But with the gold teeth and blue and green high lights, over the platinum blonde hair, its hard to tell if they would have been the dancers or the rappers.

I wasn’t sure what brought them in the mall, but they were causing some major damage. Sno’ Cone was Bitter’s cousin. With their attitudes, it only makes sense that they were related. During my days working with Bitter, Sno’ Cone would often be around and invite me back to her place. Her body is amazing, but the slang and loud make up is a turn off.

Sno’ Cone covered the mall floor in a sheet of ice and giggled as she slide to the door. Suga Babe blew kisses at all the folks and used he mind controlling touch to bring the passersby to a brawl. She got her name on account of the stored candy snacks kept on her person at all times. She definitely had a sweet tooth – for food and trouble.

So there I am. The mall is being terrorized and I’m just looking. I thought about changing, but I didn’t have my costume. So then I thought about just covering part of my face with a bandana, but that only works in the movies. I think I would have to just be seen – I couldn’t let folks continue to get hurt. And that’s when Raz and Tam showed up – fresh from the pages of a magazine.

Despite the danger, I think every guy in the mall stayed to watch the brawl… it was like heaven. But heaven faded when more of the cavalry arrived to help detain the Suga and Sno’.

I went home to get ready for dinner with my parents.

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