Friday, January 11, 2008


I woke up this morning feeling great. I hadn’t even noticed the text message I got from Terra until late last night. I returned the message saying that I would swing by after work. My dad says the best way to squash a rumor is to continue to do what’s true. And since we are just friends, we won’t start acting weird to defuse the rumor.

I stopped in the Mocha Bean Café this morning. It’s always a pleasure to check on the lovely Candice and order a Frozen Mocha Java Espresso Freeze Blast. I was getting used to the little guy with the taped-together glasses and Candice had on the most amazing outfit under her apron. We smiled at each other. When she thought no one was looking, she grabbed two peanut butter cookies and tossed them in a bag. It seemed our connection was building. But it wasn’t. Candice told me to make sure I gave them to Sonus.

Taking quick sip of my coffee drink, I coughed. Why do I keep forgetting how horrible this drink is? Candice was still watching, so I took another sip and forced a satisfying smile. When I walked out of the Mocha Bean Café, I tossed the drink into the trash. I’m just wasting $5.42 every time I buy one. I did eat the cookies though. They were great.

The office was back to normal, except the big sheet of plastic taped over Brice’s office. Kesha was in the front, signing for a baby-something she’d won off ebay. Rona, Sasha, Sherrie and Tanya were in the break room watching some DVD about four women living in the city. I also saw Dave in the copy room with an empty gallon of Jack Daniel’s. I don’t think he went home last night.

Once I settled into my work space, I felt an eerie feeling – like an anvil is about to fall on my head. Jan from accounting walks over and looks into the cubicle next to me, then walks toward me.

“Hey Leroy! I hope things are ok with you and Terra.” She giggles. “When Brice gets back to his desk, could you give him these folders? Thanks.” Jan started to walk off.

“What did you just say.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply you were his assistant. Here, let me take them back.” She snatches the folders from me, still smiling. “I’ll leave them in his chair.” Jan bounced off. When did the folks from accounting get to be so perky.

I stood up and peaked over to the next cubicle. Brice was moving in. I stepped back over to my computer and set my out of office message, then forwarded my phone to the receptionist. No work for me today.

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