Friday, January 11, 2008


I owed Michelle another date. Not that I forgot about it, but I had planned to cancel. The week wasn’t over and I was already feeling spread thin. Yet, when I tried to lie and tell Michelle that I needed to be there for my little sister – her cat had died and she was all broken up. Michelle didn’t buy it. The truth is, my little sister’s cat died two years ago. The cat jumped out of the window, trying to get away from her. Though I believe cats to be agile and calculate their movements, this one missed the tree and hit the pavement. My sister decided then that she wanted a bird next.

I agreed to hit the karaoke bar with her, enforcing that I would not sing. We could drink, order wings and laugh at the others, BUT NO SINGING. I called my dad for a last bit of motivation. I had called him from work to tell him that the Urban 30 suspended me. Surprisingly, he agreed with Dispatch. So maybe it really was a bad idea to hit Brice, but he still had it coming. My dad also encouraged me to go out and get my mind off things – though he wondered why I wasn’t going out with Candice. I hadn’t realized how much I embellished my communication with Candice.

We arrived at the karaoke bar just before the regulars. The good news is, we got a great table and was able to order food and drinks before the server got too busy. The bad news is, we were right up front, I couldn’t hide my laughter for those who couldn’t carry a tune if you placed it in the palms of their hands.

Halfway through the night I realized I had forgotten all about getting suspended – and the fight with Brice. I also noticed that Michelle was quite a drinker. We’d had four shots of some dark liquor that I can’t identify and my voice was giving out from all the talking, shouting and laughing. And then it happened. The karaoke DJ called our names. I was betting my expression was the same as those little roaches in the raid commercials.

Michelle pulled me to the stage, batting her eyes and blowing kisses at me. I was sold. The music cued and my eyes widened. She began to sing and I tried to regain control of my jaw that was still hanging open. But, that alcohol has a funny way of working. When it came to me, I joined right in.

“..There was no time to play…. And building up….. and now it’s SOLID…” I Hope no one finds out about this.

It was a great night, though I sang like I had a spoon full of mashed potatoes in my mouth. Michelle didn’t mind. She kissed me on the stage. Maybe this lady cop ain’t so bad.


hugefan said...

excellent... I can't wait for the next episode.... this one really had me laughing ...especially regarding the cat jumping out the window and missing the tree... lol

MC said...

I hope we don't have to wait 3 weeks for Sonus to go super again!

The story is super as well!