Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This week at work had been too quiet. Everyone is whispering about Debbie being moved to the new office. But the new office has no location – at least nobody told us yet. Well…, I know. Yesterday, Ms. DeVane called me to let me know that I was being moved to the new office as well. I was a bit down in the dumps until I got there and saw that I would finally have my own office. Turns out, despite all my “meetings” I’m still a valued employee.

Ms. DeVane demanded that I remain quiet about it. Considering she scares me just a bit, I think I will keep my mouth shut – except when I told Ean earlier today. And I will probably tell Terra, but that’s it.

Another work day was nearly done. Brice and I have managed to avoid each other all week, despite the fact we sit next to one another. My ipod has been my best friend, along with long lunches and sudden meetings (real ones this time). Just as I put the finishing touches on a project that I had been working on for the last few weeks, my favorite song blasted through my pod. I jumped up and immediately put the ipod on the sound dock for everyone in the office to party with me.

Just as I expected, everyone gathered around my desk to dance. This is yet another reason why I love my job. I didn’t even look to see if Brice was at his desk, or would be bothered. I didn’t care.

I sat back in my chair, nodding my head. When the song stopped, I played it again for good measure. But that wasn’t such a good idea. Halfway through, Ms. DeVane entered the office. Everyone scattered like bad teens in an unauthorized house party. Ms. DeVane was not amused. She walked over to me with a stern glare.

“This is unacceptable Mr. Powers. Do not make us change our minds.” I know she was referring to yesterday’s talk about my move to the new office.

I silenced my ipod and went back to work. Ms. DeVane walked around the office announcing random visits from Rufus next week. In less than 10 minutes, she was gone. Things are about to get pretty crazy.

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