Thursday, January 17, 2008


On the way to work this morning I dropped in the Mocha Bean Café. Ever since Terra told me that Candice moved into her apartment building, I’d been trying to figure a way to work that into conversation. Aside from the free cookie for Sonus, we really don’t speak. How can I be more exciting than my alter ego?

Greeting the little guy in glasses and getting my Frozen Mocha Java Espresso Freeze Blast from Candice, I headed up stairs. As soon as I got off the elevator I tossed the drink in the trash. Perhaps I need to put a post-it reminder on my money to not buy coffee when Candice makes it. Maybe she missed a few days during the training.

I got settled at work and immediate signed on to Men’s Health dot com. They’ve got some good articles on ab work outs. A message popped in from Rufus, the company’s CEO and Ms DeVane appeared off the elevator again. How does she time these things? Something felt really strange.

She walked the floor one good time, making eye contact with a select group of folks, then came to stand by my desk. She commanded that we all click the video message from Rufus at the same time.

“You all may know by now the company has merge with another. This is an exciting time for the company and it surely promises growth for nearly everyone. However, there are a few changes that need to be made. We tried to think would be the best way to present these changes to you, but couldn’t agree. So, I’ve decided to allow Ms. DeVane to led this next phase. Please give her your utmost attention – she speaks for me.” The message was just about to be over, when we heard. “By the way, the rumor of a new office build built is true. As of Monday, the doors will open. The following employees will be relocated to the new office. Leroy J. Powers. That is all.” The message ended.

The folks I the office immediately began to discuss the message. I felt a bit out there, considering he said only my name. I thought for sure there would be more.

Ms. DeVane cleared her throat. “I need Sasha Woods and Sherrie Jankins.” Ms. DeVane spoke loudly. Sasha and Sherrie approached with caution. “Security will escort you out. Thank you.” Ms. DeVane walked toward the elevator as four building security guards appeared from no where. “You things will be sent to you. Thank you for your services, ladies.” The elevator doors closed and she was gone.

My jaw was on the floor. I guess the realignment has officially begun.

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