Sunday, December 23, 2007


I had pretty much decided when I woke up that today would be a low-key one. There were no plans to leave the house, no plans to do any last minute shopping – I just don’t even attempt to blend with the last minute crowd. I especially didn’t have any plans to save the city for any reason. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice… there are 30 folks in the Urban 30. That means, someone else can have a turn.

After eating, I settled into the couch for a few games on the x-box 360. Just as a grabbed the controller, my phone beeped. A text message from Riggs [Mack-Truck]… I really think we should approve some of the names that folks pick.

“Yo, guess what I’m doing…” We’re both a part of the Urban 30, and sometimes in competition about who is the strongest. We both know its him, but its fun to pretend.

The phone beeped again. I hadn’t even responded to the first before the second chimed.

“I’m fighting Blitz. He got out. I’m totally embarrassing him (ha-ha)!”

I sighed and turned on CNN. This city was good for a live feed on trouble. Sure enough there was a camera on the scene. Riggs [Mack-Truck]) punched him hard and Blitz fell through a brick wall. Nice. But then Riggs [Mack-Truck] stopped to pull out his cell phone. What the hell was he doing? As Riggs [Mack-Truck] was distracted, Blitz smacked him on the back fo the head with a heap of bricks. Riggs [Mack-Truck] just dropped.

My phone beeped again. A text message. Please tell me Riggs [Mack-Truck] isn't texting me when he is supposed to be saving the city.

"Yo, will somebody tell this guy that he is out-ma..."

Yep. He was texting me. Now I felt slightly embarassed. I looked back to CNN and Riggs [Mack-Truck] had gotten up, and regained controll of the fight. He punched Blitz into a daze, then stepped back for his signature move. (I've got to get me one of those.) I'm not sure if Riggs [Mack-Truck] does this because his zodiac is Taurus, or because he thinks it fits with the whole trucker-look that he was going for. Even still, when Riggs [Mack-Truck] does his charging attack it's usually game over.

Riggs [Mack-Truck] stopped when there was enough distance and then ran full speed toward Blitz. It all seemed to go in slow motion, but that was my eyes playing tricks on me. Riggs had actually slowed down to send another text message.

Please don't send me another... My phone beeped.

"I'm about to Charge him! He won't know what..."

While texting me, Riggs [Mack-Truck] tripped over debris in his path. The only thing crushed from his warpath was his phone - sending me the last message. Though Blitz had recovered his senses, he pretty much called it a day. So in the end, Blitz got away and Riggs [Mack-Truck] needed a new phone to use his unlimited texting feature.

I think whoever made the cell phone laws should apply the same fines for some heroes. Just not me.

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J said...

Blue tooth, Thats all I`m saying!