Monday, December 24, 2007


Nearly midnight, Christmas Eve – and soon it will be Christmas Day. I thought it would be a nice peaceful evening. Shawn, Greg, Lawrence and Dame were coming over to play a little Xbox, eat carry out and just enjoy the fact that nobody had to work the next day. Gotta’ love the single life. In fact, Greg was the only to have kids – since he was divorced he didn’t have to show up for family time till breakfast tomorrow morning. But all that changed when Tony (Dispatch) put me on call. Next thing you know, I’m leaving messages to folks saying lets reschedule.

I’m so sick of these damn Blues Boys. How the hell do you fight them? These guys seemed to take your best efforts and just make them worthless. Where their power comes from is beyond me. I have to admit, breaking my Christmas Eve tradition of hanging with the fellas and drinking the holiday in is a bit of a bummer.

There were always too many Blues Boys to fight them all. But we’ve learned they are all connected to one. So if I remedy the right one, the rest will fade. I needed to figure it out though, because the Blues Boys were grabbing folks left and right, trying to abduct them and turn them into more Blues Boys. These miserable guys love company.

Finding the source was something more like an impossible task. But just as I was about to give in to frustration, members of the Urban 30 began to arrive. As I smiled, I wondered what took them so long – but I was happy they were there.

With a warm confidence, I identified the source and we offered a beating that should keep the Blues away for a very long while. The Urban 30 isn’t just a super group, but a super family. These guy rock!

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