Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I had been on cloud nine since I walked into the new office. The place was so new, with furniture that I had only seen in movies. The company must be doing really well. Even better, I was no longer in a cubicle – I now have an office. I can close my door and watch the flat panel television mounted to the wall – complete with cable. Good times!

After bragging to Terra and everyone else I could call, I got settled in my office. The funny thing was, Ms. DeVane had already shipped my pc and my sounddock for my ipod. In the brown paper bag was a picture from my first day at work, a stuff bear I got from Tina Raine. She left the company over a year ago; she had the biggest crush on me. Tina was only here for a summer internship.

The two totems of Terra and the unknown hero were both in the bag as well as my company mug and an unmarked package. Maybe this new office came with a welcoming gift. I put the first two totems on the bookstand in the left corner, and put my mug at the edge of my desk. The sound dock went to the lateral filing cabinet along the right wall and the bear sat on a small table near the door.

I sat back to unwrap the small box, excited that the company had really looked out for me. Inside the box was another box, and inside that was a wad of tissue paper. I kinda laughed to myself, thinking someone went through a lot of trouble to make this cute. But once I saw what is was, cute was out the window. The next totem… This time, it was me. Ok, so it was kinda cute, because it was me. But I was anything but happy. Apparently, whatever was coming, just added me to the list. So much for being suspended.

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