Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The day after a holiday always feels weird. Thought it was Tuesday, it had a Monday vibe to it. Even worse, 4-day work weeks always feel longer than 5-day work weeks. It's like punishment for having an extra day off work.

I took the stairs up to the second floor this morning, the elevators seemed to be stalled. When I exited the stairwell and walked down the hall, I noticed Ms. DeVane with her back to both elevators. Two security guards held each elevator, patiently waiting for her instruction.

“Mr. Powers, you are three minutes late. Please do better.” She pointed to one of the guards who then reached to the floor to pick up a brown paper bag. “It seems you don’t keep a lot of your personal items at work. We managed to fit it all in this paper bag. “Ms. DeVane passed me a post-it with an address on it. “This is the location of your new office.” How does she talk with out ever making an expression. “Please hurry.”

I grabbed the bag from the guard as he escorted me down to the lobby. I felt like I had been fired.

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