Monday, January 21, 2008


Despite the Metal Men breaking up Karaoke on Friday night, I still managed to party on Saturday and Sunday. Some time with Michelle and some time with the fellas. Friday was the first time in so long that I had ran from a fight. But I thought it was cute how Michelle tried to take charge and protect me. If only she knew.

Being an officer of the law, and obsessive about folks who can do super things, Michelle dropped me off and went back to the scene. I don’t think she realized bullets won’t hurt them. Either way, it meant I was free to hang out more. One call to Marc, Ean and Derrick and it was on. Though I promised myself I wouldn’t go drinking with Ean again, I figured I might as well enjoy being on vacation from super powers. Not to mention, I just need to try harder not to wake up next to homeless folks.

We went out Friday night. I slept until noon and had a late lunch with Michelle. Then I went back home to change and hit the town with the guys again. There is this great strip club in the warehouse part of town – the girls are straight from a magazine. I think were there until five in the morning. Harlot Blade wanted to see me after the show. Of course everyone knows I don’t pay for a good time. But if she wants to see me for reasons other than business, I gave her my number.

On Sunday, we went back to the strip club. Derrick was hoping to connect with the bartender/bouncer, Helga.

Today I will take it easy. Perhaps I will see what Candice is up to.

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