Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Todd (Router) is a sometime active member of the Urban 30 – our team of heroes. He’s been a member probably since the Urban 30 began, but that’s before my time. Anyway, Todd gets hooked up with a car to go with his identity. Since he doesn’t fly, he’d been complaining he needed a “Bond” car – as we call them. A Bond Car is some tricked out car that looks great, and does all these amazing things. He begged, and finally got one.

Of course, I’m looking to take it for a spin. Maybe get a box of chicken from the drive through. Just as Todd was showing me all the bells and whistles (I was maybe the 5th person he’d bragged to), Tony (Dispatch) tells me to make my way downtown for some action.

“Ok, Todd. I’ve got to get out of here. City is in danger – blah, blah, blah…” I’m not sure there was much concern in my expression. But I’m used to this sort of emergency.

Suddenly Todd’s eyes widened “Let me drive you. I could get you there quick, and in style.” He was like a teen with his first car.

“I’m not sure, Todd. I think they want me to get there pretty quick. But you could meet me there, I could use the company.” I was trying to be serious. After all, wasn’t there a crisis or something?

“Dude, we have to take the car. Get in, it will be quick. Think of how the ladies will adore us when we show up in this baby, here.” He did have a point.

I was sold. I jumped in the car and we were off. Unfortunately we didn’t get very far. Within the first 3 blocks, Todd hit the curb and busted the tired. No problem he assured me, the car had a built in auto repair for the tire. I must admit that I was amazed. That amazement did fade however. On the next block, we encountered crawling traffic.

I had to suggest to Todd again, that it may be a good idea if I meet him there, but somehow, he talked me into waiting.

Some 30 minutes later we arrive to the scene of the crime and Ean, Raz and Tam had taken complete control of the situation. I had missed the entire fight. I could not believe it. Just like that. There was no arriving in style. Hell, we barely arrived. I demanded that we leave. There was no point in staying. I just felt foolish, sitting in Todd’s car beating myself for not leaving his ass.

Todd made a u-turn and we left the scene. 5 blocks later, Todd smashed into the rear of a dumb truck. I was clearly defeated by this day. I left Todd to work out the drama. I flew home to take a long shower.


Michael said...

Don't let his ass drive no mo'!!! LOL

MC said...

He needs to clock some serious Danger Room® hours before going back out on the road again!