Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I wonder how many folks in the world can relate to me on this issue. Have you ever had a huge project due, first thing the next morning and your supervisor leaves for the day – without even knowing the status of the assignment? How the hell does she expect to report on this project, when she doesn’t even know what you’ve written? I’ve officially been pimped.

Let’s be real about this. This assignment was not even mine, it was hers. She dumped it into my lap, and each time I’ve called on her to either offer an update or ask a question, she’s M.I.A. Then, the eve of the meeting, she shows up to tell me how she’s so stressed and can’t wrap her brain around it. Even further, she says that I will have to lead the meeting – as if she had ever planned to do it herself. No, damn it! They need to see how dumb you really are. But I can’t say that. Which means, she pimped me!

So, tomorrow I get to come in here – decked out in my sharpest suit – and act like the subject matter expert on some information that I just made up. I’m telling you, if I could pay rent… and my car note… and my cell phone… and utilities… and eat… and buy clothes... and buy electronics... all from the money earned as a superhero, I would – without a doubt – blow this popsicle stand. For real!

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