Thursday, December 20, 2007


Have you ever been somewhere and you can’t really process how you got there. My cousin calls and BAM, I’m in a choir. Personally, I have nothing against choirs. But, how is that going to look when I show up late to save the city, because I had choir rehearsal? I just don’t think heroes were meant for some things. How do you explain to the director that the tenors will have to be one voice down because you got slammed into the ground just a bit too hard, and it hurts to talk?

My cousin, she loves choirs. She’s been in a choir for as long as I can remember. Me, I can’t commit to the frequency. It’s just too vigorous. I honestly can’t imagine how any person can be free every single Wednesday of every week.

Somehow, she (my cousin) calls and says it would be good for my social life. She doesn’t really like me doing the whole super hero thing – on account of it being so dangerous. So, at every chance she gets, my cousin will take every opening to suggest that I find a better hobby. I gave up explaining that being a hero wasn’t a hobby; I was wasting my air. I think the worst thing about the choir is the 80 year old soprano who keeps pinching my butt every time I walk by. At least it’s not some old guy in the tenor section who cant control his flatulence. Who invented community choir?

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MC said...

Who invented community choir? Some lonely old bag and a farty old dude.