Friday, December 21, 2007


Ok, I know it’s a bit silly, but I can’t help it. What would you do if you were in my shoes? I already expressed my concern for how it would obstruct my ability to save the city. But now this…

It all started when I got a call from Tony (Dispatch), early this morning. I can’t believe I even heard the phone ring before 6:00 a.m. But before I knew it, I was downtown attempting to defuse a really bad situation. Seems like Blitz was drunk, and he was trashing the inside of a bank. There was money all over the place and he hadn’t picked up not one dollar – is it possible to be that drunk? Add to it, the jewelry store a few doors down, nearly brought to the ground – but there was no new “bling” to his costume.

By now, I realized that all the other heavy hitters slept through Tony’s (Dispatch) call. This of course makes me the last resort. I don’t really like that feeling – but I can’t argue with the fact that I wish someone else would have answered so I could still be sleep. At this point, though, it’s no use crying over spilled milk.

And so, I step into a 40 minute brawl with Blitz and even have a black eye to prove it. That wonderful fact didn’t come about until I got back home to change. On the way home, I stopped at the Mocha Bean Café, next to the job. I still felt like I needed more sleep and was hoping a Frozen Mocha Java Espresso Freeze Blast would wake me up. The best part about that visit was seeing Candice.

I entered the place and everyone immediately stared at me. This was one of those few moments where I would be in the building as Sonus and not Leroy. I walked up to the counter and ordered my drink. And then it happened. Candice smiled at me. I knew she liked me. She turned to make my drink and a woman came from the back – she looked so familiar. And suddenly, it was all clear.

“Candice, you really should come see the choir perform. There are some really cute guys I could introduce you to…” She’s the Assistant Director of the choir.

“Girl, I don’t want to meet any guy whose free time is spent singing Broadway show tunes with a community choir.” Candice giggled.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I was speechless. When Candice turned around to give me my drink, I was still wide-eyed and panicked – I forgot to even reach for my wallet to pay.

“It’s ok, it’s on the house, cutie.” Candice winked.

I smiled, since I mouth wouldn’t let me talk. I hurried out of the place and got home as fast as possible (without spilling my Frozen Mocha Java Espresso Freeze Blast). I had to figure this out. Clearly she liked me (Sonus), but if she was going to like Leroy (the other me) I was going to have to get rid of the choir. I’ll start by getting some healing herbs from Terra. Even Leroy can’t be a ladies man with a busted eye.

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MC said...

hmm...what a conundrum!