Monday, January 28, 2008


Router’s name speaks for itself. This guy is like a human conductor. Anything that you throw at him, he can reroute it – even back to you (or at you). The only problem is, Router is usually on cloud nine. He is too preoccupied with other thoughts to really focus on the situation at hand. This usually results in Router never saving the day. Just uncoordinated, it seems.

His real name is Todd Bond and he is an IT professional in some government agency. Perhaps because of his name, he has an unusual obsession with James Bond. As such, his costume is a suit with dark sun glasses. He looks more like a secret service agent. Todd is really gifted with electronics, he can fix almost anything – and is responsible for a good number of gadgets used in the Urban 30.

At about 6’1”, Todd is a pretty athletic guy. He’s only about 33, but Riggs says that Todd has an old soul. I think the guy is just slow. What I am surprised at is his ability to meet women. When we see Todd out, there is always a different lady friend. Somehow, he is able to combine working for the government and his IT stuff to him being a secret agent. Women eat it right up. Maybe I should tell all the women I meet that I’m a government agent?

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