Monday, January 28, 2008


James Gale. I never thought I would see that guy again. Though it took me a moment to remember, I was glad for the save from yesterday’s trouble. Once I recognized him, he mumbled that we’d catch up soon – it would have been too much for us to publicly call each other out. It’s a super hero thing. You just don’t go offering up another hero’s government name. But I did forget to ask what he went by, as his alter ego. I’m sure I will find out.

I think I’ve had my fill of fun over the last few days. From where I stood, I needed to get this watch off. It was the only thing stopping me from using my powers. The more I thought about it, why would Dispatch make me such a sitting target. Maybe I’m going to have to take Dispatch down a few spaces on my top 50 favorite friends list. This is definitely bad business.

Despite the fact that I had a few more days left on this suspension thing, I called Todd to swing by my office. After I promised to go to the James Bond Convention with him, he agreed to alter the watch. Dispatch could still track me, but the watch would no longer block my powers. Dispatch would never know. THANK GOD!

It is a nice looking watch, though. Todd promised to come back and fix it completely so that Dispatch can’t use it to spy on me. Then I can add it to my collection.

Well, it looks like I’m back in action. Before I get to the crime fighting, I think I should go visit my old office building. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen Candice.

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