Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Being a hero is a tough gig- especially when you add it to having a day job. Since I won’t give up my secret identity to the government, and become a special agent behind a desk in a suit – just not flashy enough for me – I’m reduced to getting small cash bonuses from the city for things that could be considered truly spectacular. As a result, I don’t comb the city looking for muggers and robbers. The cops get paid for that. I, on the other hand, wait for the breaking news. That’s when its time for someone of my caliber.

During my first three costumes, I was every where. Someone getting mugged in the middle of the night, BAM, I’m right there. Bank safe getting blown out? BAM, I’m on the scene. I even once tried to help an old lady get her cat out of the tree. After 15 minutes of me trying to calm the cat enough to allow me to grab him, the cat hissed leaped to another branch and down the tree. I now know that the cat was not truly stuck. But the point is, BAM. I was there.

I got into this business because it was the only reasonable way to use my powers. All those guys who say they wanted to make a difference, that ain’t why they started. But, when you truly help someone, you do get a warm feeling. Or maybe that’s the dark liquor that some of us drink to dull the pain after a fight?

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