Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I remember one time when the StickMen were on a rampage of the city. These guys usually stay low key now-a-days, considering they’re so afraid of fire. Anyone could understand once they realize the StickMen are made of wood. But, years ago, when they first jumped on the scene, the StickMen really had folks scared. The way I remember it, they’d stolen something important, ditched it on the black market for some hot diamonds and were on the way to trade the diamonds for cash. Ean was on the scene, even had the StickMen on the run. After a few blocks, Ean decides the chase wasn’t worth it. He falls back, and decides to get a burger or something.

Of course, I saw this as an opportunity for spotlight. I hit the streets and track the StickMen to Feelers Point. In hopes of a get-away car, the StickMen had torn the roof off of some kid’s car. The way he was crying, the poor kid probably hadn’t gotten permission from his parents to even drive the car. Even more, as I understand the story from the girl, the kid was on top of her – struggling with her bra when the StickMen ripped the roof. The kid got so scared, he peed his pants. When the girl felt the pee, she instantly threw up. Needless to say, the StickMen didn’t take that car. They grabbed another.

I eventually caught up to them in traffic, and brought them to justice – hero style. I didn’t get a whole lot of recognition. In fact, I didn’t get any. Ean showed up in the papers though. They figured he did all the work. I don’t even think Ean likes being a hero sometimes. But I mostly blamed costume number two. It was too boring – not attention getting at all.

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