Thursday, December 13, 2007


I just got out of a meeting, that I swear lasted 4 hours. The best part about it was the fact that they fed us. The meeting was a focus group for some training that the office is preparing to run. I would call in sick those days, but I’m leading most of the classes.

The meeting might have gone better if Ms. Grady hadn’t fallen asleep five times. Just because she’s older doesn’t mean she’s allowed to breathe heavy in a focus group. Otherwise, there was no point to her being there. Then there was the 20-minute argument between Karl, the new guy, and Ron from procurement. Usually Daisy, from HR, will take 10 minutes, off the recording, during your first-day orientation to brief you about Ron. Apparently that didn’t happen. Surprisingly enough, Karl was on point – and actually correct in all his comments. But the rest of us dare not let Ron know that we noticed. I can only wonder what uncanny rumor will surface about Karl. He’s probably too new for Ron to get any dirt on.

After getting back on track from the Ron and Karl moment, the meeting took one final hit, before we called it a day. Rona and Sasha stood up to excuse themselves, not ashamed to admit they were ditching the rest of the focus group to practice their routine for the holiday party. Of course, I had no objections – though it probably wasn’t the most professional move they could have made. So with Ms. Grady asleep, Ron and Karl both not speaking, and Rona and Sasha now gone, it seemed the meeting was over. Thanks everyone, see you next week.

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