Monday, December 31, 2007


I respect that Tony [Dispatch] is the brains of the Urban 30. Hell, most times I see it as an honor that I was accepted in – despite the high turn over. The Urban 30 is supposed to be a collective of model heroes, protecting the tri-city area. To be in the Urban 30, you need to prove you stand with the best and not bend when times are tough. I’m proud to say I fit the bill.

Often times, I get to fight along side my super comrades. Thanks to Tony [Dispatch], Terra [Elemental] landed a job in the same company as me. But I question my thanks to Tony [Dispatch] for placing Brice [Enigma] here as well. Nothing against the guy but I just don’t get his angle. Terra [Elemental] and I get along great but this Brice [Enigma] fellow has my brow raised.

When I think about it, I haven’t seen Brice [Enigma] in action much – admittedly because I just block him out when he’s on the scene. Hell, the last two times Tony [Dispatch] called Brice [Enigma] to a situation, he didn’t respond. I bet he’s online buying some new loafers or something. Brice [Enigma] has only been with the company for a few months – maybe less. Remy from our Human Rights Unit told me he spends all his time shopping for labels, or bidding on Ebay. Of course she knows this because she has a thing for Lindy in I.T. I’m glad I’m on their good sides.

At the end of the day, I just want to get the job done and make some folks proud. That’s what I’m here for. Despite the cameras and the fans chanting my name, I put in work. I’m certain Tony [Dispatch] can tell you that I have the highest response rate. Hell, I’ve been there for Terra [Elemental] every time she’s needed me. Except when I first met Candice, but that situation is different. It’s not like I was being trifling. I just had to know who Candice was. I think Terra [Elemental] understood.

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