Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This morning started off a bit rough. Some crazy lady in the next building, jealous of her cheating husband, went on a slashing spree last night. She wasn’t sure which car belonged to her husband’s mistress but with the heavy influence of dark liquor, she decided to hack everybody’s tires. While the husband has agreed to pay for the damage to everyone’s car, I still had to have my auto towed – which put me on the train to work.

Mornings like this demand my favorite refreshment, the Frozen Mocha Java Espresso Freeze Blast – this one with extra chocolate and whipped cream. What made it such a great drink was ordering it from Candice and the guy in the back on the espresso machine. I think his purpose in life was to work in the coffee shop because he has never mixed a bad cup. Perhaps there is crack in it or something – it’s just that good.

I walked into the shop and instantly notice the change. The entire staff must have all had extreme makeovers, none of them looked familiar. Of course this mattered for two reasons – Candice and that espresso machine guy. This can not be happening to me, not now, not today.

I stood silent for a moment and just watched the new guys. They functioned as if all was normal. There was a girl with pig-tails brewing fresh coffee. Another girl was restocking the pastry display and a guy with too many muscles cleaning off the tables – he wore the manager’s pin on his lapel. Some short fellow with too much energy and tape on his glasses took the orders. I was the only person standing in the coffee shop. Though this was early for me, it was just after the morning rush.

I proceeded forward to place my order. Though the folks were different, the menu was the same and I still needed my caffeinated boost. The short guy looked up to me, adjusted his glasses and asked to take my order. Why was he so happy? As soon as he placed my order, he called it out aloud. This brought my attention to the fact that no new person was on the espresso machine. That station was empty. Moments later, Candice walked out from the back area. She was the new espresso machine guy. I think my smile was too obvious.

I stepped aside to wait for my drink, day dreaming about how I would ask Candice out. She apparently likes Sonus, but I’m not clothed as my alter ego right now. Since my last visit, I figured Candice was bit more drawn to me in a mask. Now the trick was to get her to like me without it.

She passed me my Frozen Mocha Java Espresso Freeze Blast.

“Sonus said thanks…” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Excuse me?” She looked confused.

“Sonus, he told me to tell you thanks for the coffee the other week.” Ok, so I was using my other self to get lucky. Is that so wrong?

She blushed. “Oh, you know him?” She looked into my eyes. “Tell him it’s no problem.” Candice used her seductive voice. I almost dropped my cup.

I smiled as I walked out. I think that was a move in the right direction. Now, that she will acknowledge I exist, I can make her fall for me.

I took a sip of my drink. Ew, this is the worst coffee drink I’d ever tasted. I guess someone that good-looking has to have a fault. I just wont let her make me coffee.

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