Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The day just keeps going. After surviving the bad cup of coffee, made possibly with love (though she doesn’t know it yet) from Candice – which was supposed to ease the pain of having my tires ran through with a stainless steel kitchen knife, I got a call from Tony [Dispatch]. Apparently there was some major business going down. I know this because Terra [Elemental] and Brice [Enigma] got the same notice. I walked by Brice’s office, hoping he’d not show up. I think he tried to read my mind or something. That’s a major violation. I felt a sharp pain in my temple as I locked eyes with him. There is something really wrong with this kat. While he doesn’t really know my powers make it hard for folks to probe my brain, it’s still rude to try without permission.

I would have let opted out of fighting but now I’ve got an attitude. Counting the flat tires, bad java and a crazy, unstable hero trying to read my mind, somebody is going to get a beat down.

As usual, I locked my computer and put a sign outside of my cubicle that says something about a meeting. It’s not like anyone is going to come looking for me. I went on the roof to change. I usually do that in my car, but I didn’t drive today. Normally, I get there first. Terra always has to check on her kid or something before a big fight. I will tell her about Brice’s invasion of my privacy later.

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