Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I had arrived on the scene just after Terra and Ean. This group of bad guys I hadn’t seen before – and they just seemed to come up out of the woodworks. Not that any of them were strong at all, they just seemed to be plentiful. Who has the payroll to hire this many henchmen?

This fight proved the perfect diversion to let off some steam. Though she held her own, she seemed distracted. Work had been crazy, returning after the holiday, so we hadn’t had a chance to chat much the last few days. Ean was his usual self, seems like he had too much fun taking down the bad guys. But Brice, where was he? I suddenly noticed him on the roof near by. I heard some loud commotion and saw the cracks in the building. The sun was somewhat blinding, but I did notice Brice doubled over and the silhouette of a person walking toward him.

Moments later, Brice just took off. Heroes don’t run! Where was he going? We’re down here fighting 5 – 1 odds and Brice just tucked his tail and ran away from one guy. I really think Dispatch picked the wrong guy for the job.

I signaled Terra and Ean and flew up to the roof. I couldn’t leave them for too long, but I wanted to see what scared Brice. There was an unconscious henchman up here, but no one else. Brice or who ever scared him was gone. I did see small wood statue that looked just like Brice – hand carved like a totem. All I could do was grab it, and return to the fight with Terra and Ean. Today is a headache.

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