Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I took one gulp of my Frozen Mocha Java Espresso Freeze Blast and threw it out. I’d almost forgot that Candice can’t make coffee. Dropping by my cubicle to turn on my computer, I went straight to Terra’s office.

Being in the office brought me back to my normal outgoing self. Now that Rufus had made his visit, folks could act like fools. Marvin worked in HR with Daisy. Since Daisy always worked from home, Marvin would always be online in the chat rooms. I can’t mention enough the office is very laid back. The folks here probably do work 30 percent of their day, though some of us have been known to really be overwhelmed at times. I like being here because it’s not too much – and the flexibility of fighting crime.

Tina, the receptionist was checking her e-harmony dot com profile and Ebony, also from procurement was taking a nap in the lunch room. I closed the door for her, though I doubt anyone would have said anything.

I get to Terra’s office and Jan, from accounting was showing pictures of her new born. She gets to be annoying with her kids. I hurry Jan away and show Terra the totem, along with the story of how I found it – I also mention the totem of Brice, that’s now missing but neglect to mention the one of her.

“Do you think we need to talk to Brice, now?” I was hoping she said yes.

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