Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I stopped at the Mocha Bean Café this morning. For no particular reason, I wanted to see Candice and get a Frozen Mocha Java Espresso Freeze Blast to break the blah mood I am in today. The fellow with the taped-rim glasses took my order like last time and Candice blended my drink. She threw a few smiles at me while she mixed the frozen drink. I smiled back as I fished the small totem from my pocket. I really needed to ask Dispatch about this one.

When Candice handed me my drink, I placed the small totem next to it and walked over to the napkin dispenser for a straw and napkins. As I walked back, I noticed the little guy at the register staring at the totem, adjusting his glasses. Maybe he was day dreaming about some space movie. I grabbed the totem and my Frozen Mocha Java Espresso Freeze Blast and headed out the door.

Candice waved good bye. This was the most action I’d seen from her and I was too involved with my thoughts to respond. I guess it’s time I stopped holding so much in. Terra should be in her office, perhaps we can confront Brice about this.

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