Friday, February 1, 2008


Today was bland. I sat in my office and barely did a thing. I just could not get my focus, no matter how hard I tried. Eventually, I stopped trying. Some days you just can’t do it. Just around lunch, I had decided to leave for the day – perhaps call up Michelle for a movie. Even better would have been to invite Candice. In fact, I think I will. I grabbed my coat after shutting down the computer. I figured I would show up and ask her to spend the afternoon with me. Sure it was a bit forward – especially to ask her to leave work for the day. But at least, if I do ask, she will be sure that I’m interested. I think.

Just as I reached the reception area, Blaire stops me to tell me I have a visitor. I hadn’t planned any meetings. Frankly, I wish she had told them I was out since I had just made up my mind to go take Candice out.

“Mr. James Gale is here to see you.” Blaire motioned toward a man standing in the reception area.

My eye widened as James looked up and walked toward me. We shook hands and he started talking. I heard nothing he said. What I really wanted to know what how the hell did he know where I worked? Is there some sort of tell all book about me? Everything you need to know about Leroy J. Powers… Seriously, how does everyone know my business?

“…Leroy!” I finally snapped from my daze to engage conversation. “You must day dreaming. You did that too much as a kid.” Damn, you just going to embarrass me in front of folks. “Your mom told me where you worked. And when I got to the other building, Ms. DeVane directed me here. Are you going to lunch?”

How was he just holding conversation like it hasn’t been 10 years since I’ve seen him? “Yeah… um, lunch.” Regained my composure finally. “You want to join me?”

He nodded and we walked to the elevator. James was only in town for a short while. He and his team are actually partnered with another state to do the superhero thing – so they get paid. He didn’t say what the nature of his visit was, just that he was here. Once we got outside, I actually met the rest of his team. James discourage formal introductions, he didn’t want to feel like there were any strangers among us. But they were all strange to me.

The best part about lunch was that James paid for it – and one of his teammates was hot. Layla is her name. As we left the restaurant, James offered an important meeting as a reason for them all leaving. I didn’t feel like I was being kicked to the curb, they didn’t have to sound so formal about it. But we did exchange business cards to hang out like we used to. I was more on the lines of patrolling like when we were kids. Since those days are done, I will settle for the nightlight and seeing which of us can meet the most women.

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