Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last night, I caught up with Marc and Derrick. I finally had a chance to really explain all my drama with Dispatch and me quitting when he wanted me back on suspension. It’s not like I officially quit, but Dispatch called me after our spat and basically said I wasn’t real group-friendly at the moment. So, maybe instead of quit, it’s more like fired. But when you get right down to it… fired is such a strong word.

We ordered pizza and flipped channels. Leah and Tina came over, but left 20 minutes later. They didn’t care to hear what the issue was – it was girl’s night out for them. Funny thing was, Leah had a similar story with Dispatch. But considering she got married – and divorced – she didn’t care to stay with the Urban 30.

Ultimately, Marc felt I should have played along with Dispatch’s rules. Derrick on the other hand, thought I did the right thing. I didn’t really know, I just wanted to get back to the hero moments. I was getting so bored out of costume. I especially didn’t like being approached on the street and not being able to do anything.

By the end, Marc was insistent that I let it go. Derrick, however, was more pushing me to declare my independence. You don’t need them. I’m glad I left! He repeated those statements through out the night – or at least until he fell asleep from too much beer. Not much of a pep talk, but it will do.

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