Friday, June 27, 2008


For the last few days I tried reaching out to Brice. Terra believes we should all try to get along. So, I called him. The first time he picked up, he put me on hold. After about 5 minutes I hung up. The second time we spoke, Brice called to tell me the team was needed for an issue on the Red Line. I didn’t go. This guy can't call me back, so why care if he gets his face bashed in.

Of course, this incident made it to the news. It's like they only show up when I'm not there. I watched the live feed online. Just as I thought, they got their faces smashed.

Lady Face was in a frenzy. I'm not sure when they let her out, but clearly she needed a return visit with those padded walls. I watched as the reporter tried to keep up with the commentary. She narrated the event as if it were a pay per view battle royal. Between her coughing to clear the dust from her throat and the rattle from the bag of corn chips she started to consume, she pretty much covered it all. The biggest issue came when the reported tried to describe Lady Face. Even I know you can't describe a person who always changes. Her appearance, like her temper, is random.

With raw fighting ability, Lady Face first managed to best Craig. Perhaps by accident, but her spontaneous fighting style helped her to land Craig on the rails. Unfortunately, water and electricity do not mix. In a cloud of steam, Craig was gone. The last time that happened, it took weeks before the rain brought him back. Both Sha'Donna and Cheryl fell down in tears. Perhaps their hormones are already extra sensitive. They were no longer of use in that fight.

After the rustle of another back of chips – Funyuns this time – the reporter tried again to describe the changing appearance of Lady Face. She gave up, again, to commentate the next leg of the fight. Marci gracefully moved and glided from side to side, back and forth in the beginning. But then something happened that I had never seen before. Marci's face frowned and her eyes were on fire. Marci breathed harder, struck harder but sloppier. The quick strikes became heavy haymakers. Finally Marci stopped punching and just started cursing. I had never seen her so angry. Lady Face just laughed.

Marci closed her eyes and screamed. She didn't see Lady Face rip the door off the train. Now, there was only Brice. He stood in front of Lady Face and whispered below the ear shot of the reporter. In less than a minute, Lady Face was on her knees in tears. She reached for the edge of Brice’s cape to blow her nose. With disgust, Brice motioned for the authorities and moments later, Lady Face was escorted away. What the hell did he say to her? I wanted to see him get his ass beat!

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