Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I woke up to constant ringing of my house phone. I don’t know why I keep it on the highest volume and I figured whoever had the nerve to call this early on a Saturday had better be in a life or death situation. Turns out, it was even better! Barry was having a BBQ at his house. No doubt what my new plans had become for the day.

Considering Barry said the event should kick off somewhere around 2pm, I was confident that arriving at 4pm would get me there the same time as everyone else. Yet, for some reason, I was still one of the first to arrive. Sha-Donna and Cheryl were already there holding a conversation with Todd and Ralph. I wasn’t sure if they were still on the rebound after Greg got evaporated. Clarence, our resident Urban 30 genius says that Greg should be back after a few more rain falls.

Quickly unloading the case of Heineken I brought into the large barrel of ice, I moved over to the table to see what food had already been prepared. As far as I’m concerned, Barry is one of the strongest guys I know, the strongest in the Urban 30, but his strength is definitely outmatched by the flavor of his pork ribs and potato salad. Completely unreal!

By 6pm, nearly the entire Urban 30 was there. Of those who were missing, I had hoped Brice’s name would fall on that list. Instead, he showed up. Though not social with most of the other members, he was very into some conversation he was having with the two women he’d brought. I will admit, one of them was definitely a 9… and a half.

It wasn’t until Barry came over and asked me if I had spoken to Tomieka and Jada, that i realized they were missing. Perhaps I had already had too many beers. Apparently, they were both supposed to bring two rum cakes and jello shots. I thought maybe I should find out why they weren't there yet.

“Let me ask Terra…” I said to Barry.

Unfortunately, Terra hadn’t spoken to them either. By now, the back yard was laced with noisy superheroes, and a few non super spouses and none of them included Tomieka or Jada.

“Why don’t you just call them?” Terra said. Brilliant idea.

Just then... “Something’s wrong.” Brice, for the first time that evening, came over and spoke to me and Terra.

My phone rang as if it were cued by Brice's statement.

“Leroy, where the hell is everyone?” It was Jada. “I’ve called you, Terra, Barry, Brice and Tony. I’m at the hospital with Tomieka. She fainted and still hasn’t woke up. The doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with her. Somebody needs to get here.” It sounded as if Jada had been crying – something I’d never seen from her or Tomieka.

“What hospital?” I listened for a response before ending the call.

By now, Terra had silenced the entire crowd so that I could hear Jada. “Something’s wrong with Tomieka." I reported to Terra. "She won’t wake up. Bring Brice and Blake. Maybe one of them can go inside her head and find out what’s going on.” Terra nodded. Even though Brice was next to me, I spoke to Terra as if he weren't.

With that, I downed the last of my Heineken and lifted myself into flight.

“We will meet you there.” Terra said.

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