Monday, September 8, 2008


I woke up this morning to an Urban 30 emergency. Despite the fact we were all in teams, there were at least three teams on the scene, about fifteen or so heroes. At first we werent sure why Snuffles was out. But at thirty-seven feet of solid destruction, we needed to find out. Ultimately, we realized that she was pregnant - after she gave birth in the new Nationals ball park stadium. After that, Snuffles scooped up her knew baby with one of her seven arms and went back into the river. I'm so glad i wasnt apart of the clean up.

This whole thing, of course, made me about an hour late for work. Considering I was up since 4-something this morning, I felt like the day was already over. On my way in, I walked to the corner deli for a light breakfast – just two omelets, a waffle, some fruit and a large Apple Juice.

Headed back to the office, I heard that familiar whistle of a voice.

“What color were those shoes when you first got them.” It said.

I sneered toward the root. The old shoe shine man smiled at me, adjusting his trucker’s hat. This one read “I retired”.

“I can bring the color back!” He motioned for me to have a seat.

I wondered if anyone would miss him if I tossed him in the Anacostia as a snack for baby Snuffles. On second thought, he’d probably give him kidney stones or something.

“No shine today…” I replied as I went upstairs to eat my food.

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