Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I don’t really know how much sleep I’ve gotten in the last two days. I’ve been up through both nights, maybe nodding two minutes or so through out the days. The streets have been the quietest I’ve ever seen them in months. Primarily, I’ve been looking for answers. My only problem is, I don’t really know what questions to ask.

Tonight, I’m joined by Todd, Ralph Barry and Marci. Marci was the most quiet, aside from me. Barry was talking loudly through his blue tooth, something about forgetting one of his girlfriend’s birthday. Ralph and Todd were discussing the new security system that Ralph had just installed to protect his home and family.

None of them were pay attention to the streets. None of them were watching for anything suspicious. For a long while there was nothing to see. Until a sudden explosion across town. Router was connected to the police scanners through his laptop. Thankfully Marci noticed the alert flashing on the screen.

We rushed through the city, up town near the university. Barry was still on the phone, this time with his second girlfriend, promising to reschedule their weekend plans because he had a family emergency. Had this been any other night, I might have challenged his player status for having to cancel plans with one girl to spend time with another. Not good time management at all.

As these things go, we arrived just in time. Well, not so much so, since there obviously was an explosion. But, we arrived before the bad guys had a chance to really put a hurt on the on-duty police officers. I had no idea who these guys were. Router spent half the fight on his laptop cross referencing the U-30 database to find nothing. Apparently, we’ve got some new kids in town. They look like twins, brothers at the least, and strong as hell.

“Stand back guys, this is all about the muscle.” Barry said as he approached the destructive pair.

Ralph launched arrow after arrow. Not one scratched the twins. And that’s not to say that the arrows didn’t make contact. These dudes had some pretty touch skin. I wondered how well they too insults?

I had just about planned for a long night with lots of fighting, in my opinion just the thing to clear my mind, when the unexpected happened. Twin number one picked up a police car and tossed it to twin number two, who then swung it around and threw it at Barry. Barry caught it and held it over his head. But just as Barry was about to throw it back, he dropped it. As if his arms just gave out from fatigue. I saw the confused look in Barry’s eyes, he didn’t even notice the twins had thrown another police cruiser. Just like that, Barry was down.

I ran over to lift the car off Barry. He was out cold. Todd and Ralph dragged Barry clear of the vehicle while I held it up. As soon as I let it back down, I noticed the twins were running down the street. What kind of exit is that, when a villain just takes of running down the street? Maybe they were trying to catch a bus…

Barry came to about ten minutes later.

“Dude, what happened?” Todd asked.

“I… I think I lost my powers.” Barry replied.

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